A Fragrance For Everyone

The Holidays are here… time to start thinking about what to get loved ones and friends. Holidays are a time to share and this season a gift set is a winner for all. Favorite fragrances are available in all sorts of wonderful collections and sets.

Perfume gift sets can offer one their favorite scents in a variety of fashions. Not only are the perfumes available but usually a surprise powder, lotion or travel size to go with the perfume. Wonderful accessories combined with name brand quality perfumes will make one squeal with the opening of well chosen perfume gift sets.

Cologne gift sets are a wonderful choice. Don’t leave the men in your lives out. This gift is two sided because the giver and the gifted get to enjoy the wonderful fragrances alike. Some of the best cologne gift sets are available online and just in time for the season. Gift sets offer value since the quality cologne usually comes with unique accessory items and toiletry extras.

Bath and Body Gift Sets are appropriate for everyone. One of the biggest holiday sales items, bath and body gift sets are great for teachers, colleges and friends. In a wide arrangements of fragrances these sets are sure to please anyone. From fresh and clean to spicy and sweet. The plethora of choices is amazing. These sets can often cross over into ones favorite perfume or cologne line. A double whammy in gift choices.

Whether the gift is for at home or far away the choices are easy to find. Online or a phone call away, shopping is easy and affordable. Gift sets often offer a better deal and online sales means no waiting in line. Look for great online specials like price matching and free shipping. Perfume, Cologne, plus Bath and Body gift sets can all save time and money as the perfect gift this season.

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 Everyone wants to look their best, and it is easy to spend a lot of money on perfume and other beauty products. If you want to shop smarter and spare your budget, consider choosing Lily Direct. Lily Direct offers you great deals on designer perfumes and other brand name items. Here are some examples of products you will find there.

Designer Perfumes and Colognes

Choose from big names in perfume such as Dolce & Gabbana, Ferre Rose, DKNY, Estee Lauder, Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, Versace, Pierre Cardin and many more. You will save up to over half the retail price on many of these fragrances.

Gift Sets

Choose from a big selection of beauty products for a special man or woman in your life. Two-piece gift sets contain fragrance and lotion, shave balm or shower gel. You can also find three-piece and four-piece gift sets.

Bath & Body

Bath and body items include luxurious shower gels, deodorant sprays, body lotions, stick deodorant, hand cream, after shave and more. You can save over 80 percent of the retail price on some products. You can treat yourself to a spa-like experience in your own bath but pay significantly less money than you normally would.

What does your fragrance say about you?

Just like hairstyles, shoes, clothing and even nail polish colors; the scent of a favorite perfume or cologne says a lot about a person. Whether they are clean, light, spicy or warm scents; each one emulates the personality of the woman that is wearing it. Subconsciously, every woman is drawn to a certain scent and this becomes their signature scent. It might not always be the same brand of perfume or exact fragrance but the type of scent it is will fall into one of these four categories: floral, citrus, woodsy or oriental. By learning what each scent means, you can see exactly what it says about your personality and if it is the perfect one for you.

Floral Scents

Floral scents are timeless, romantic and very feminine. Woman who were floral scents are usual very sensitive and sweet, nurturing and caring. This subtle scent tends to be associated with elegance, class and tranquility; with an underlying hint of sexy yet innocent. Woman who wear colognes that feature predominate or prevailing flower such as Rose, Gardenia or Lilac; tend to be more traditional in thoughts and beliefs. These women usually are very sentimental and compassionate. Because of these qualities others tend to build an emotional bond with them very quickly.

Citrus Scents

Citrus cologne; whether its lemon, orange or a combination is always as fresh and light as the woman wearing it. Women who wear citrusy scents tend to be outgoing, bright and bring in a breath of fresh air every time they enter a room. This fun-loving personality can draw a crowd just by the vibrant energy they give off. No mountain is too high and no river is too for these women; their ready for anything and they believe in living life to the fullest.

Woody Scents

Woody cologne features all the scents that nature has to offer from exotic sandalwood to sensual musk. These women feel at peace in natural settings and tend to love the great outdoors. Their free-spirited nature gives them a no-holds-barred attitude and nothing they want is out of their reach. This self-assured personality feels just as comfortable sitting in front of a campfire as what they do at a fine restaurant.

Oriental Scents

An oriental perfume is rich and spicy yet warm and sensual. Fragrances can range from hints of incense and amber to robust spices and a hint of patchouli. These lingering scents are not for the shy woman, they are bold, sophisticated and captivating. This personality is in control and she knows it. This woman is sensual yet mysterious and fascinating yet mystical. When the playful and wild side comes out, these women can be a bit of a daredevil too.

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How To Choose a Perfume for Your Favorite Woman

Perfume is a great gift for a woman. She’ll get lots of use out of it and she’ll likely use it every day. And each time she uses it, she will fondly remember that you gave it to her.

The trick is knowing which scent to choose for her. If you know what perfumes she already uses, you’ll have an advantage in knowing her preferred family of scents If you don’t have this advantage, don’t be afraid to ask her friends or family.

You can go by observation if you don’t know or asking someone close to her is not an option. What scents have you smelled on her in the past? You may not know the name of the scent she chooses to wear but you can observe if it is a soft scent or a little stronger. Does it make you think of flowers or is it a citrus? Those can help guide you in your purchase for her.

You can choose a scent that makes you think of her when you smell it. Take a day to go and just smell different perfumes to see what reminds you of her. Be sure to take a breather in between smelling different scents so your nose does not get confused.

It is also an option to think about her personality when you are shopping for her. If she is bubbly and cheerful you may want to go with a light, fun fragrance. Maybe she is quiet with an understated beauty; in that case you might want to choose something soft in the fragrance department. Does she have a boisterous personality? That may call for a fragrance that demands attention.

Choosing a fragrance for a woman doesn’t have to be difficult. It might just be fun and she’ll surely appreciate it.