Best 2013 Perfume Choices and What to Wear in 2014

Another year is leaving us in just a few hours and, as usual at the end of the year, we look back at our choices over the past 12 months.  While 2013 was not a year particularly rich in new fragrances, classic perfumes were among the top choices for women everywhere. Below are a few of the top perfumes that were loved and bought by customers, throughout the past year.

Fuel for Life from Diesel

There is something irresistible about this perfume, made of black currant notes, doubled by the delicacy of Patchouli and jasmine. Fruity, vibrant and energetic, this is the ideal fragrance for women who are looking for a scent to wear during a weekend, or on their spare time.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Looking for a perfume that is both top quality and friendly for your budget? This is the ideal choice: a lavender, bergamot and mandarin composition that adds a touch of orchid and manages to put together a wonderful scent, that is equally suitable for romantic dinners but also for day wear.

Infusion d’Iris from Prada

The epitome of elegance and beauty, this Prada scent is ideal for business women, who are always between flights, always in motion. Orange blossom and mandarin give it sweetness and freshness. One of the most captivating perfumes that were recently launched.

2014 is yet to amaze us with new scents, new fragrances that will be launched by the great designers but equally by the independent creators. But if you are looking for suggestions of classical perfumes that you should buy throughout the year and wear on various occasions, here are a few tips:

L’Elixir by Nina Ricci

This is a truly remarkable and alluring scent, and so far it has been immensely popular among women of all ages.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

This is one of the finest perfumes ever made by this fashion house, because of its distinct fragrance that is not only poignant but lasts longer on the skin. Wooden notes of amber, doubled by pomegranate make it irresistible for all ages.

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

If you ever buy just one perfume in your life, make sure it is this one. Since 1977, this addictive scent has remained on top of the classical choices as one of the most provocative and sensual creation ever made. Suitable for women who love classic things, who love elegance and sophistication, this is probably one of the most famous and bought creations around the world.

Whatever you do in 2014, make sure you don’t overlook your love for quality fragrances. LilyDirect wishes everyone a Happy New Fragrant Year!

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