The Chemistry of a Well-Scented You

Most Perfume types belong to a fragrance family that tells the raw material that the perfume is made of and the scent. There are several fragrance categories. When you are familiar with them it will help you pick a perfume that is right for you.

Floral is the most popular category of perfumes. Floral perfumes are made from flowers and the chemistry used make to scent like your favorite flowers lavender, roses, lilies, or orange blossoms. Some perfumes smell like one flower and others a bouquet or mixture. Technology has found a way to copy scents when no oils can be extracted from the flower, so many new exciting floral fragrances are available. Their are powdery flowers that scent factor is so small they have to be created in the lab. These created scents often smell better than the flower would when made in the lab.

Citrus scents are made from skins of oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit and others in the family. The oil from the fruits skin is what gives this perfume a scent. Sometimes they are combined with other scents.

The Oriental fragrances category has floral scents gardenias, and tuberose. The spicy oriental scents use cloves and woods scents. Woody oriental blends have the smell of sandal wood, cedar or vieter. Often the oriental perfumes will have a scent of vanilla.

Woody fragrance smell like outdoors and certain wood. Mossy wood fragrances often smell like moss, wood, and sometimes citrus. Dry wood often smells like moss, cedar, pine, burnt wood, and tobacco. Fruit scents smell like apples, peaches, bananas or berries. Spicy perfumes remind you of the kitchen with scents like ginger, cloves, cinnamon and pepper.

When trying Perfume types smell the fragrance try it on to see how it smells to you. Buy perfume with a scent that you enjoy smelling.

Buying a New Perfume? Read This First

Finding the right perfume to compliment you can be trying and difficult, but it only takes a few simple steps to choose the fragrance that suits you.

Consider What You Like

When deciphering which scent is for you it is important not to follow fads or trends; instead gauge your own style. Are you a person that is laid back who prefers to wear jeans or are you more of a classic person that wears dress pants? By analyzing what you like through your own style you will have an idea of which avenue to take when choosing your new fragrance.


One of the best ways to find the scent for you is to experiment with difference aromas and brands of fragrances. Whenever you find yourself at a perfume counter ask the salesperson for a couple of samples. Also, a person doesn’t have to have only one signature scent. For certain occasions a person may have an alternative scent which gives off an impression for the situation at hand.

Gain Knowledge

Fragrances have “notes”. Some notes are incessantly light in strength while others are full-bodied. The lighter notes of fragrances dissipate only after a couple of hours while notes that are bolder may last six to eight hours.

Go to Outlets instead of Malls

You don’t have to go shopping at expensive boutiques and malls for perfumes. There are outlet malls and online stores that have perfumes from all over the world, available to you at fairly inexpensive prices.

A person that is on the quest to find the perfume that is right for them should be aware that everyone is different. All human beings naturally have their own “scent” and any fragrance that you wear will smell differently on one person than it will on the next person.

Exploring a Scented Man’s World: a Look at Different Cologne Scents for Men

Smell is a powerful thing. It entices, it sparks memories, and it conveys a message. This is one of the reasons men are more likely to have a signature scent. While women change perfume for the occasion men will wear the same cologne all the time. When picking your cologne it is important the scent message fits your personality. Although there is no across the board definition for men scents can be broken into four categories.

Tobacco Fragrances
I call these the Study Colognes. These scents bring to mind an old fashioned study full of aromas from the leather chairs, fireplace wood, smoke and a good scotch inhabited by men of sophistication and elegance. Usually they are a mixture of synthetic smells of woods like mesquite, leather, and leaves.

Outdoors Fragrances
This group can be broken down into three smaller categories the herbal, the woodsy, and the green. The herbal scents combine common herbs like sage, rosemary, musk and others. The woodsy are those mainly made of scents like sandalwood and cedar mixed with lighter floral fragrances to create a forest smell. The greens rely on the smells associated with color such as grass, moss and spearmint. While the fragrances vary they call to mind an outdoorsman and adventurer.

Fruit Fragrances
Here we have two categories: citrus and non-citrus. Citrus includes fruits like lemon, bergamot, and mandarin oranges while non-citrus are apples, berries, figs, and even nutty scents like hazelnut. These colognes are known for being fresh and mood enhancing. They make one think of the man on the cover of a romance novel handsome and strong, but comforting.

Exotic Fragrances
These make us think of the mysterious, slightly dangerous stranger from a far off land. Many of these scents rely on mixtures of food and spice smells. They mix the common like vanilla, coffee and cinnamon with the more exotic such as clove, ginger and various peppers. Often they will add oriental floral fragrances such as orange blossom.

My Favorite Designer Perfumes (for Now)

 Perfume comes in thousands of different scent combinations — everything from sweet and fruity to soft and sexy. And although not all perfumes are designer, designer scents tend to be the most popular and the ones with the unique scents I’m drawn to. Designer cologne for men is also usually what my senses are attracted to.

Finding the right scent for you can take a lot of testing, spraying, sniffing and, well, time and experimenting.

I’ve done the leg work — or should I say, nose work? — and here are my favorite designer perfumes (for right now — and certainly subject to change depending on season and mood):

Burberry Touch
Burberry Touch is popular because its scent is versatile — not too strong yet not too sweet. It lasts me a long time and gives you this refreshing scent that everyone picks up on. This is a great casual wear scent.

Chanel Cristalle
Chanel is known for their fabulous perfumes, and this top selling one is a must have for a confident lady. It has a flowery and feminine smell to it, yet is very strong without being overpowering. This perfume is great for all time wear! Chanel also has great men’s cologne too.

DKNY Be Delicious Kisses by Donna Karan
This scent is perfect for all. It has a light and refreshing fruity smell that isn’t strong, yet still can be picked up on by all. It’s a great wear for every day, but can even work for night time.