Choosing a Fragrance for a Woman

With so many women’s perfumes on the market it can be difficult to select a scent that a woman may enjoy wearing. Finding a perfume that will accent her physical beauty and charm while staying within your budget can be simple with some basic knowledge on the composition of women’s fragrances.

Perfumes that have undertones in touch with nature can sometimes be musky and not well suited to all women. Experts in the beauty and fragrance industry recommend selecting a fragrance that has softer undertones with strong notes. An Escada Perfume has soft undertones of sandalwood, peach and rose with strong notes of fruits and flowers. Floral and fruit smells have become popular on the market and appeal to a wide range of women. Both young and middle aged women appreciate these types of perfumes as they tend to be softer and not too overbearing; which can be embarrassing or bothersome to others.

Fruits and floral scents are a new age combination embraced and perfected by Escada Perfume. Their full collection of fragrances have soft undertones and strong notes making them a perfect choice for any special woman in your life. Unlike other scents, this combination can be worn year round. A few sprays of a fruit and floral scent combo will last all day leaving her feeling confident, secure and beautiful. In addition to her feeling great, her friends will want to know where she purchased her perfume as well!
Choosing a perfume as a gift for a woman is an excellent choice. She’ll compliment your great taste in gifts and the fragrance will always remind her of you each time she wears it. By choosing a perfume that has stronger notes versus undertones and is light in nature, you’ll have a winning combination and the perfect gift for an anniversary, holiday or birthday.

My New Favorite Perfume: Poppy by Coach

There are so many perfume brands that I like, it’s hard to decide which is my favorite — and that favorite might change on any given day. When I was younger, I only shopped for floral, sweet perfume and refused to try any others. Now as an adult, I enjoy exploring new brands, smells and I dig into various price ranges for a fragrance that suits the mood and situation.

Currently, my favorite designer perfume is called “Poppy by “Coach”. It smells amazing and is not overpowering. I also really enjoy wearing any perfumes made by Britney Spears. Her fragrance line is absolutely to die for.

Poppy by Coach