How to Find and Wear the Perfect Perfume: Choose a Fragrance for Every Occasion

Sometimes, invisible details can weigh more than expensive, fashionable, flamboyant accessories that we wear with pride on special occasions. The right perfume is by far, the best example illustrating this wonderful paradox: a powerful yet subtle and elegant fragrance will accompany us for an entire day, influencing the way in which other people perceive and define us, in a radical manner. Do you wear perfume on a daily basis or do you save that amazing odor for special occasions? Every single day should be celebrated with a few drops of quality, persistent fragrance. Here are a few tips that will teach you when and how to wear the right perfume, in order to avoid major style mistakes.

Make sure you own at least one or two day-appropriate fragrances

Novices that know very little about fragrances could be surprised to find out that there is actually a rather rigid concept known as “perfume etiquette”, imposing strict rules which should always be taken into consideration. The first one indicates that you couldn’t possibly wear at work the same fragrance that you use in the evening, as you get ready to attend a gala or to have dinner at a fancy restaurant. Make sure your perfume collection includes at least one or two delicate, subtle, floral fragrances that you could easily wear during the day, making you display self-confidence and elegance without being considered deliberately ostentatious. Extra tip: If you love floral fragrances that last for a really long time and help you stay positive throughout the entire day, try Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose Perfume by Gucci.

Become the stylish queen of the night with a few drops of perfume

If you are getting ready to go to a fabulous party, or to make the most of an incredible clubbing experience, remember that even the most amazing outfit would be incomplete without that personal touch ensured by a high-quality fragrance. Wear a classy, intense and refreshing perfume that will make your grand entrance truly memorable. If you are looking for a hypnotic odor that will practically help you turn heads wherever you may go, Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir L’eau Exquise Perfume by Bvlgari should be your first pick.

Measuring the right amount of perfume

Whether you are getting ready to go to work or trying to find the right outfit for a fantastic night out, make sure you apply your perfume with mathematical precision. Too little could make you pass unnoticed while too much would just play with your nerves, cause you a headache and distract all the people who will be working or partying in your proximity, making them silently blame you for spraying a whole bottle of cologne on yourself. The perfume etiquette teaches us that less is more when it comes to applying perfume; however it is recommended to estimate and wear the right dosage of cologne to prevent major style mistakes that could compromise your image and your style icon status. In most cases, if you count on a quality product, 3 to 4 drops would be enough to provide the desirable results.

Make Your Scent Last Longer: Short Guide to Wearing Your Perfume the Right Way

Every woman knows how the right perfume can make or break her style, so picking the right fragrance is one of the first things to learn.

So, you have already selected your perfume and now you are getting ready to stun your friends and admirers by wearing it. There is one thing you should know: even the right fragrance can go wrong if you have applied it incorrectly. So, how and when you apply is going to be very important in the process. Also, wearing the right perfume for the time of day and occasion is another thing that you should learn. Below you can read a few useful tips about applying and wearing your chosen perfume.

1)      Properly prep your skin before using
A well prepped skin before you apply perfume will undoubtedly guarantee the strongest and longest lasting scent. You skin has to be cleaned and properly moisturized. If possible, apply perfume on your skin immediately after you come out of the shower and you apply a light moisturizer. In order to keep the true heart of the scent, it is advisable to use a lotion that is not heavy or too perfumed, otherwise you may spoil the essence of your perfume. A good idea would be to have a complementary set of shower gels, body lotions and perfumes, because these will have similar scents and the result will be incredible.

A word of warning here: steer clear of cashing fragrances. For instance, washing your skin with a powerful fruity shower gel may completely interfere with a musky perfume and spoil the end result.

2)      Apply perfume the right way
Knowing how much perfume to wear may be an art but not an exclusive one. You can easily master it by learning a few easy tips.

a)      Not too much, not too little
Using too much perfume will literally choke the people around, so never go for that. A perfume should be pleasant and entice. If you are at work, choose a scent that is not too strong and spray it in small amounts, you don’t want to irritate the people sharing the office space with you. On the other hand, wearing too little perfume could easily lose all the fragrance.
Remember these general facts, when you are spraying perfume: a classic perfume can last up to 6 hours on your skin, eau de parfum can last four hours, while eau de toilette will never last more than two hours.

b)      Apply on pulse points
Applying perfume largely depends on the type of perfume you are using. If you have a heavier, more concentrated eau de parfum, or a classic scent, it is recommendable to spray a little on your pulse points like wrists and neck, where your skin is warmer and blood flows freely, in this way, your scent will be evenly distributed. For eau de cologne or lighter fragrances, dab some on other pulse points, such as your elbows, behind the knees, on the chest and behind the ears.
The proper distance is also important when you are spraying perfume. Normally, it should be five to six inches from the body, depending on how intense the scent is. For stronger scents, hold the bottle further back

Never rub the perfume into your skin. Many women commit this mistake, unknowingly spoiling the full body of the scent. This process will basically crush all the chemicals and will eventually alter the perfume’s balance.

What Fragrance Is You? How to Find the Perfect Perfume in a Few Simple Steps

choose fragranceNothing can capture your essence better than a special fragrance. However, identifying the one which is just right for you is a real challenge. Some odors might be a tad too fruity, too floral, too sweet or too fresh for your taste. We would love to spend more than a few hours in a glamorous, chic perfumery on a daily basis, but somehow busy schedules always seem to get in the way. Just imagine hundreds of shiny, colorful bottles of cologne strategically placed on dozens of shelves. All of them are extremely catchy and smell divine, but how could you possibly inventor all of them without spending most of your spare time in the store?  So many choices can make you indecisive and confused. Enough of this! Read below to see how you can spot the perfect perfume in 3 simple steps.

#1 Discover the main fragrance families
You should know that there are 5 main fragrance families for women (fresh, citrus, woody, oriental or floral) and 3 for men (woody, fresh and oriental- for obvious reasons floral and fruity odors are not a common choice). Test all these types of fragrances to discover or refine your personal preference and then try to find your favorite brand/perfume based on your favorite category.

#2 Analyze your skin chemistry
If you want to identify the perfume which best represents your personality, keep in mind that your skin chemistry will definitely impact its intensity. This is the reason why a certain fragrance can smell absolutely divine on someone, and horridly sour on you. Your skin has its own unique characteristics, including an original way of reinterpreting every single scent applied on it. So always apply perfume on a test strip, but also directly on your skin before making a decision. Your nose will certainly help you notice the difference. You should remember that dry skin is not very friendly and refuses to preserve top notes for a long time, in which case more intense perfumes with a complex formulation are highly recommended. Try Calvin Klein Beauty by Calvin Klein and you’ll experience love at first sight. On the other hand, delicate fragrances are compatible with an oilier skin- in this case feel free to fall for the exquisite Oscar Soft Amber Perfume by Oscar de la Renta, a soft scent highlighting your femininity in the most subtle manner.

#3 Learn how to avoid inaccurate results
Picking a perfume is definitely not an exact science. However, the final results of your perfume hunt will always be less accurate if you consume spicy food, or if you decide to go shopping when you are incredibly stressed or moody.

Fresh New Perfumes: Choose the Right Fragrance to Bring Out Your Inner Urban Goddess

new perfumesThe art of creating unique perfumes began thousands of years ago in Egypt. Since then, people have been mesmerized by the hypnotic power of seduction of one-of-a-kind fragrances, which are today more important than our clothes or accessories. We start our daily beauty ritual by applying our favorite perfume in key spots. Suddenly, we feel alive, aware of our own uniqueness, self-indulgent and ready to conquer the world.

The right signature scent should complete you, highlighting your personality and nurturing your well-being throughout the entire day. Today’s fragrances are an amazing mix of floral, fruity and musky elements, designed to surprise and charm. Love at first sniff truly exists; you just have to learn how to select the perfume which matches your taste and personal preferences.

Modern women are a delightful paradox: they cherish their femininity and still want to hold on to their independence, power, and seemingly masculine authority. Bring out your inner urban goddess with a special green fragrance. There’s nothing subtle about DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Cologne by Donna Karan. This cool perfume, the original smell of blooming spring, reminding you of recently cut grass and pristine outdoor areas, enables you to become the queen of the concrete jungle by simply showcasing your natural beauty. A single drop of perfume can influence your mood and change your entire day.

Once you start wearing 212 VIP Cologne by Carolina Herrera, nobody will ask you if you’re on the list ever again. This special fragrance is your one way ticket to a whole new, highly exclusive dimension, where you will be in the center of everyone’s attention with your sense of style, creativity and amazing odor. Designed by the famous perfumer Alberto Morillas, Herrera’s 212 VIP Cologne captures the essence of New York, the fabulous city that never sleeps. Based on a brilliant combination of passion fruit, rum, musk and vanilla, this seductive fragrance is the ultimate weapon of seduction used by beautiful, confident urban amazons.