Perfume Buying Education: Types of Fragrances Classified & Best Known Scents

There are no two women alike and their personality type fundamentally determines the kind of perfume products they choose. On the other hand, every woman will have a different olfactory sensitivity, which serves as the main selection factor in the search for the most appropriate fragrance.

If you have been struggling with your perfume choices, maybe it is time you learned more about the types of perfumes and the classes of fragrances available. Next time, your choice will be easier.

Essential oil/ Perfume concentrate
Types of perfumes

This is plant or flower based and it comes in the form of a hydrophobic liquid which contains aroma compounds. The actual concentration of fragrance can get to 40% hence the high price of this oily product, normally sound in small bottles. The advantage of using this is that you will get the same irresistible fragrance last longer on your skin, even for 48 hours.

  • Eau de parfum

Many women don’t realize this is quite a different thing from the eau de cologne or the perfume essence. The concentration of pure fragrance in this form is between 7 and 15%. Most of the perfumes sold online or in general stores fall under this category and their prices can range from cheaper to expensive depending on the designer brand, concentration and other factors. A well-balances eau de parfum applied on your skin can last up to 24 hours.

  • Eau de toilette/ eau de cologne

This is a lighter, much cheaper fragrance that is not very lasting and is generally used by people who cannot stand a more concentrated fragrance on their skin. The fragrance in eau de toilette is never higher than 6% and the price generally reflects that.

Classes of fragrances

  • Floral: this is the most common and popular type and it is usually extracted out of roses, orange blossoms, jasmine, gardenia or carnations. Sometimes, a bouquet-style of mix will be found in some perfumed.
  • Some of the most popular perfumes that use floral fragrances include Happy to Be by Clinique or Flower by Kenzo.
  • Oriental: these include a heavier mix of spices and Oriental aromas, generally including amber and various balsams. These are more exotic fragrances used in luxurious perfumes such as Euphoria by Calvin Klein or Violet Angel by Thierry Mugler.
  • Citrus includes lime, lemon, mandarin and tangerine in an acidic, tangy combination. You will find it in several light and dynamic perfumes such as Be Delicious by Donna Karan or Eau de Cartier.

Other classes of fragrances include:

  • Chypre, which included oak moss, patchouli and bergamot like in Cashmere by Donna KaRAN
  • Green/ Fougere, containing hints of leaves and herbs, like in Safari by Ralph Lauren

By understanding the difference between the types and classes of fragrances, you will be able to make a better choice next time you go buying a perfume that should fit your style and personality.

Buying Perfume for Men: Tips for Choosing the Best Scents

When buying a perfume for a man, the best idea would be to start with a basic understanding of scents and how they work. You will find there are many reputable brands in the market, so the choice may not always be too obvious: Dolce & Gabbana, Dunhill, Jean Paul Gaultier and so many others.

However, selection will depend on various factors. Assess the personality of the man the fragrance is meant for and you will find a lot of answers.

The first thing to do is think of the man the perfume is destined to and determine:

  • Are they an active person, do they work out a lot?
  • Are they a professional, always wearing suits and being at the office for long hours, sometimes even late into the night?
  • Do they tend to go out with friends a lot?
  • Do they care for fashion and trends?

When you have answered these questions, you will probably know more about the type of scent that would be suitable to buy. Here are a few guidelines:

  • For a rather conservative family man, choose a wood-toned scent. Perfumes that include cedar, vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood are your best options.
  • For a man who is rather outgoing and loves a hip life, coumarin and bergamot, even geranium scents are recommended.
  • If your guy is the outdoorsy type, there are many suitable scents: safe, thyme and cloves, even citrus fragrances.
  • For someone who is all about sophistication in their personal life, nothing can be more suitable than a woody, cyphre fragrance.
  • For the natural born leader choose a heavier Havana-like scent, a full tobacco fragrance that is manly and sensual at the same time.
  • If you are buying a perfume for a rather sensual man who loves the challenges of life and yet manages to keep a mysterious profile in their personal life, go for a light vanilla and spice scent.
  • If you truly want to impress someone special, lavender should be your number one choice, this will never fail because it is masculine enough and yet sensual enough to capture senses.

When selecting a perfume for a special man in your life, it is also recommendable to buy complementary products such an after shave or a lighter eau-de-cologne. Layering will help them stay fresh throughout the day.

Layering Your Fragrance for Longer Lasting Results: Easy Tips for Applying Perfume

Many people who are wearing perfume find it frustrating how a fragrance can be strong in the morning and it loses its olfactory impact in only a few hours. If your perfume doesn’t seem to last too long as it should, it isn’t always because it is not a good perfume. There are many explanations available and one of them has to do with the chemistry between the fragrance and your skin. But if you want to ensure longevity of your perfume throughout the day, you may want to learn layering.

This is in fact the art of applying various forms of a chosen scent, in order to create a longer lasting impact on your skin. As you well know, the perfume you bought will most likely come with a wide range of associated products, from perfumed soaps or shower gels to lotions, bath oils or powders and even deodorants. Well, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to break the bank and buy all these for perfect layering. In fact, it will be enough to purchase only two or three of these associated scented products. Just think of it in these terms: the most expensive of all still remains your eau de parfum, so, by associating it with similarly scented oils, bath gels or creams, you save a lot of money on the long run, because you won’t be using the perfume so much anymore.

Keep in mind the fact that the sequence with which you apply these associated fragrances is largely dependent upon the products you buy. Have you decided to purchase a similar bath product? Obviously, layering will start with that. Once you are out of the shower, make sure you reinforce the scent with a complementary body lotion, which will serve as a base for the perfume you will apply later. For dry skin, perfumed oils can be a blessing as they will help with hydration. For oily skin, a fragranced bath powder is recommended. After you have finished that stage of the process, compete the layering process by spraying a light coating of the perfume. In order to maximize scent retention, focus on the areas where your skin tends to get oiliest.

Remember: layering, even if made with an eau de cologne and a denser perfume, doesn’t have to be a pairing of equal concentration scents. Products like Chanel or Guerlain have separate formulations for eau de parfum, eau de toilette and so on.
Learning how to make your chosen fragrance last longer by means of layering is not easy but it can be learned, provided you choose to buy quality products belonging to the same line. This really works and you will be able to save money since you don’t need to keep reapplying perfume throughout the day.

Perfume Wearing Tips for Hot Weather: What Scent to Use for Your Vacation

The warm season is upon us and you are probably already dreaming of that perfect summer vacation you have been planning all through winter months. When you close your eyes and imagine how it will be, you see a tropical beach, you can feel scents of coconut lotions, the salty marine air and many exotic fragrances all around you. You are probably already planning that shopping trip for a new and sexy-looking bathing suit, you have put down your list the omnipresent sun-lotion, the sun glasses, the sun hat and so many other things you need for an exquisite beach vacation. And the perfume, of course. But wait! What is the perfect fragrance you should have with you on a summer vacation? Whether you are thinking of buying something new to wear or if you plan to remain true to your beloved perfume, there are a few things to consider about how sultry weather might affect the impact of your fragrance.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind, before you rush out the door heading for a great summer adventure:

Consider the perfume notes

The first impression you get of a fragrance, no matter how delicate it may be, will be the top notes. These tend to evaporate quite quickly, especially in warm weather. The body of a fragrance is composed of its middle notes, and these basically emerge after application, 15 minutes to 30 minutes after. The base notes are in fact those that will stay with you for many hours. The secret that not many women know is that hot weather will quickly bring to the front the base notes on any perfume, as the other notes will dissipate quicker, due to warmth and air humidity.

This is why you need an eau de perfume with base floral notes, like the Princess fragrance from Vera Wang to stay with you throughout hot summer days.

Combine and complement fragrances

It can be tricky to wear a heavier perfume on a hot day, so you want to steer in the middle when picking up the right fragrance. Don’t choose perfumes or perfume extracts (extraits) that contain the highest concentration of aromatic compounds. An eau de parfum or eau de toilette are the better choices in this respect. In general, even if you have a fragrance that you consider as your signature, it is best to look for a version that is at least one step lighter than what you generally wear. Complement that with aromatic body lotions, preferably in the same nuance, to get a longer lasting scent on your skin, and you will have a fragrance that will stay with you until late in the night. If you want to really get creative, you can combine or layer two different and yet still complementary fragrances, for stunning effects. The trick is to pick up scents that are built on similar base notes.

Generally, it is best to narrow down your options by getting your inspiration from your destination. Are you heading for a tropical island? Frangipani and orchid based perfumes are quite the appropriate scents for this. Tahiti? Spicy perfumes or vanilla based ones are the winners here.

Keep in mind there are no absolute rules about which scents to wear and which ones to steer clear of. Just try to match your destination with what your common sense dictates. And remember, one rule should always be there with you: whatever perfume you choose to wear, do not overuse!