Wearing Perfume on a First Date: Your Fragrance Guide for Seduction

There are so many rules associated with dating, especially with a first date. Sometimes, it can be hard following all those dos and don’ts telling you what to wear, how to behave, and so on. The best idea is to follow your common sense, and you will be fine. But, whatever you do, remember to follow the main guidelines about wearing perfume on a first date.

After all, a first date is all about making a good impression over the other person, and you can only do that by combining your personality with your overall presence. Finding the right fragrance to wear on a first sate night is therefore crucial. But not only is the scent important, the way in which you apply that fragrance also counts. Here are a few easy tips:

1)      Choose a light and alluring fragrance
Whatever you do, don’t overreact. Wearing too much perfume may have the reverse effect on the guy you are trying to seduce. Go for something flirty and engaging but only if it is not an overpowering scent.

2)      Go with something that best compliments your personality
You should be able to know yourself by now, you know your likes and dislikes, your general style. Don’t buy a perfume that isn’t you, this will never go along with your entire personality when you show up for a date.

3)      Wear a scent that is appropriate for the date venue
Knowing in advance where you would go for a first date will help. Going to the movies? Never choose a heavy luxury perfume? First date in a restaurant? Don’t go for something exclusively floral.

4)      Apply the perfume correctly
A lot of women have the tendency of applying perfume in excess, in order to “make a good impression on a first date.” Well, they are wrong. The basic perfume wearing rules are the same, no matter where you go. Never bathe in perfume, from head to toe! Just apply it in a few key locations. The wrists, the back of the neck, the décolleté are a few of the places where you should apply perfume: these are key blood flow points on your body, and they will keep the scent on you longer, with lasting and seducing effects.

Remember one thing: the best and most seductive fragrance in the whole world is the one that feels good on you. So, choose a perfume that acts as an extension and reflection of your personality, everything else will follow.

A few suggestions:

1)      For a first date:  Tendre by Prada or L’Instant by Guerlain

2)      For a dinner date:  Hypnotic Poison by Dior or any Nina Ricci perfume

3)      For a movie date:  Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent

Three Perfume Wearing Golden Rules for a Business Woman

As a professional woman, you have to always pay attention to what you wear, since first impressions can usually be deal makers or breakers. So, your attire, your overall appearance are very important and you have probably already learned how to pick your clothes, how much makeup to wear and how to accessorize. What many business women overlook, though, is the fragrance aspect of their appearance. Below are a few tips.

Rule number 1: Not everything goes
You may have a preferred fragrance and you would probably like to wear it all the time. Well, the truth is what you wear when socializing with friends might just not be the right choice to splash on your wrists and behind your years when going for an important business meeting. Some scents may have a great impact on men when you are in a bar or nightclub, but in a formal meeting, they may have the exact opposite effect.

Rule number 2: Go for subtle tones
When exploring your perfume wearing options, it is very important to choose a scent that you will feel comfortable with.  This should be something that compliments who you are, not makes you appear like someone you are not. However, don’t go for anything strong, choose a subtle yet noticeable fragrance. Go for light floral or subtle wooden tones or musk.

 Rule number 3: Choose by age and position
When you are in your 20’s you may go for something that is fashionable and a bit more extravagant. But, after 35, and especially if you are in an executive position, you should go for classic perfumes, rather than opt for trendy scents. Don’t go for too floral fragrances that have an innocent subtlety to them, choose something that reads “mature and dignified,” this will always bring about confidence in a business meeting.

And remember, don’t rush into buying the first perfume just because it screams “business woman” to you. It is best to explore several products before buying, and go for something that best complements your personality, your age, position and attitude.

Here are a few great choices for perfumes that are fit for dynamic, professional women:

Yves Saint Laurent Paris Premières Roses: This fragrance comes from a smelly bouquet of wild roses, with a bit of vibrant lily of the valley, rounded with some Oriental sandalwood and musk notes. It says about you that you are a dynamic, reliable business woman who keeps in touch with her feminine side.

Infusion d’Iris Perfume for Women by Prada: Most business women choose Prada, and for a good reason. This one is a light and modern scent that quite appropriate for work. It is made up of mandarin orange, with base wooden notes and overall it has a long lasting effect on the skin. It says about you that you are the right woman to do business with.

Happy by CliniqueThere is nothing more engaging than this perfume, with airy scent that evokes summer in everyone’s hearts. The grapefruit blend with floral notes can have a great effect, if you wear it on a tense business meeting.

L’Eau par Kenzo by Kenzo for Women: This is for the mature, sure of herself business woman who knows what she is doing and is the backbone of every organization. This light and floral perfume with some fruity peachy notes will give you a friendlier feel and will inspire confidence.

A Few Easy Tips for Building a Great Perfume Wardrobe

As a fragrance lover, you will sooner or later start building up your own perfume wardrobe. If you are wondering how you could do this in a simple and non- random manner, read the few thoughts below.

One very famous perfume theorist Sonia Rykiel, said a woman’s fragrance wardrobe should definitely start from a base scent, and then it should add various fragrances. This is based on any clothing wardrobe’s building principle. Just like your wardrobe, which includes the basics and then a few classic pieces, a perfume collection should feature scents that are appropriate for all occasions and then a few favorites.

  • To further elaborate on this idea, all you have to do is think of your wardrobe and consider the clothes that have stood the test of time, that have resisted all trends: the black dress, a fancy frock, several white shirts, a pair of well-tailored pants a couple of jeans. Well, you can think of your fragrance collection in the same way: begin by stocking up with classics, in this way you will always have the perfect perfume outfit, no matter what the occasion might be. A few of the classics that every woman should have tried at least once in their lives include the elegant and classy Chanel no. 5 or the delicate Angel by Thierry Mugler or even one of the feminine Esthee Lauder ones.
  • All of the above could make great base starts for your perfume wardrobe. As for the rest, well, just as is the case with individual wardrobes, you have to build according to your taste, personality and a load of other factors. One good tip: try and ignore those million dollar marketing campaigns when choosing your fragrances. There is really nothing more important than this: if you smell and feel gorgeous in it, this is a fragrance for you.
  • Another great tip: make sure you try a fragrance several times before you buy it. If you love one particular scent and how it feels on your skin, you shouldn’t rush into buying it. Come back in two days and try it again, does it feel the same? Does it leave the same impression on your olfactory senses?
  • When you pick the additional perfumes that will complete your collection, make sure to choose the ones that match your moods and the different seasons.

And no matter what you do, beside all those classical scents, try and find one perfume that really speaks about who you are. In other words, try and find your signature perfume. If you have one such scent, stick to it and make sure it never lacks from your wardrobe.

Fragrance History and Making: How is Your Perfume Made?

Ever since the beginning of recorded history, people have used perfume as a way of enhancing their body odor. Along the ages, the art of perfume making has been transmitted from one generation to another, with slight modifications coming from scientific discoveries.

However, the principles behind perfume making have remained unchanged through history. If you are wondering how your favorite fragrance is made, here are a few tips.

First, a bit of history
Scented oils and fragrances are heavily mentioned in the Bible, if you think of the story of the birth of Jesus, then the 3 wise men came to visit the infant and carried frankincense and myrrh. Ancient Egyptians used aromatic substances to create body lotions to perfume their dead. The first definition of the term “perfume” was given by the Egyptians who considered it “fragrance of the gods, a food for the spirit.” Initially an Oriental art, perfume was spread in Europe around the 13th century. In France, it became a royal art during the reign of King Louis XIV. The crafting of elaborate and elegant perfume bottles reached its peak in the 18th century, when Venice craftsmen started the first bottle design businesses. Ancient perfumes were made out of natural extracts from plants especially flowers, through a process of pressing and steaming.

The raw materials used in perfume making
The manufacture of perfumes includes a wide selection of natural ingredients such as grasses, flowers, fruit, spices, woods, resins, balsams and animal secretions. Added to those are alcohol, coal, coal tars and petrochemicals.

One thing that is not widely known is that only 1.5% of the flowering plant species known to man are in fact able of producing oils naturally. In order to recreate the smells of those non-oily plants, synthetic substances are used.

Although this is not so much a procedure used today, a lot of perfume ingredients used to come from animals, the most notorious example is musk. Modern perfumery uses animal substances as fixatives that stop the perfumes from evaporating quickly.

The process

1st Stage: Collection
Plant substances are hand-picked from around the world and brought to the manufacturing center.

2nd Stage: Extraction
Several methods are used: steam distillation, enfleurage, maceration, solvent extraction or expression. While expression is one of the most basic and oldest methods, steam distillation and solvent extraction are among the most used methods today.

3rd Stage: Blending
A perfume expert will determine the blending formula. It may take 800 different ingredients and a several months to create a successful formula for a perfume. After the essential oils are blended, they are mixed with alcohol. Concentration of oils in a perfume formula varies from 2% to 10-20%.

4th Stage: Aging
While this is no longer the case with many of the perfumes on the market, classic perfumes were left to age for a period between 4 days to 6 months.

The sense of smell was proven to be a right brain activity and is thus ruled by human emotion and creativity. This is why aromatherapy today is used to improve body energy and restore hormonal balance. Choosing a perfume is a matter of taste, education but also a matter of bodily response to stimuli.


Perfume Wearing Tips for Your Wedding: What Scent Fits Your Dream Day?

Every bride wants to look (and smell) her best on the most important day of her life. Wearing perfume on your wedding day is part of the entire ritual, so it should follow a few rules. Many brides are hesitating when it comes to selecting the fragrance, because they are afraid it will not suit their wedding gown, the season, or the reception theme. So, should you wear a new and exciting perfume just for the day or stick with a favorite scent? Below are a few tips to consider, if you want to smell good and stick to the good taste rules or perfume wearing.

  • First rule: Don’t create a contrasting effect with your bridal bouquet

If you are going to be carrying a real flower-bouquet down the aisle, make sure you allow the fresh flowers’ fragrance to breathe. Wearing a heavy perfume with musk notes, for instance, can clash with the bouquet’s scent and this will create an undesired effect. Especially if blooms in the bouquet are fragrant, such as freesia or roses, you may want to completely skip the perfume, at least for the ceremony. Or, you may go for a light, floral perfume that should complement, rather than contrast the bouquet ensemble. When you are preparing for the reception, you can add a different fragrance.

 Traditionalist? Stick with a fragrance you love

Your wedding day is that time of your life when you feel the happiest. So, why not preserve this memory by wearing something that you really love? A tried-and-true scent is usually the best choice for women who have a very well-defined personality and want to be loved by who they are.

Something new? Pick something that will go with the dress

It is advisable to talk to your groom before picking your special perfume for the wedding day. Olfactory has a proven effect on the memories, and, in the years to come, every time you will be catching a sniff of that scent, your beautiful wedding memories will come back to mind. Maybe it is better to take him along with you when you shop for a scent.

When picking a new perfume to wear consider the following

-          Does your wedding have a theme?

For an elegant event and a very classy reception, luxurious fragrances are recommended. A few suggestions: Amarige by Givenchy or Bulgari Pour Femme

-          What season is the event set for?

For winter, go for musky and woody notes, for summer, flower scents are highly recommendable.

Many experts recommend Daisy by Marc Jacobs for a summer or spring wedding.

-          Is this a destination wedding on a tropical beach?

A few of the top fragrances recommended by experts include: