5 Useful FAQs about Perfume Wearing and Scent Classification

We know how much you love wearing perfume, but how much do you know about it, really? Below we have assembled a few useful FAQs that can help you better understand the world of fragrance.

1) Why do I love a perfume on someone else’s skin and I hate it when I wear it?

The fact that your own body ph levels and chemistry will affect how different scent notes react to your skin is becoming common knowledge. There are many things that can impact your natural skin’s smell and behavior, and these are normally different from what other people experience. Your skin may be affected by current diets or medication use, by stress or changes in your hormonal levels. So, the same perfume will smell different on different people, this is why it is best to try it on your own skin before buying.

2) Should I apply my fragrance on bare skin or when I am dressed?

Every perfume expert will confirm the fact that perfume should be applied directly to the skin, because it will create an alchemy between your body and the perfume. This will confer your fragrance a personalized smell. Why directly on skin? Because it is in direct contact with your body temperature and will last longer.

3) How will my favorite scent last longer on my skin?

If you have dry skin, you undoubtedly know how difficult it can be to keep the scent on for a longer time, as it will tend to evaporate easier. This is why a body lotion or cream are to be used, preferably made of the same fragrance. If you cannot afford to have a matching lotion for every perfume you wear, use an unscented cream or try hydrating your skin with jojoba oil.

4) Will my precious perfume turn if I keep it longer?

If you are to listen to what magazines say, a precious perfume will have to be replaced if you haven’t used it all in 12 months. But with proper storage, perfumes can last longer. Of course, make sure to store the bottle away from heat or light, and don’t use it directly from a splash bottle, it will wear off. Use a tighter atomizer for regular applying.

5) What are the component notes of a perfume?

We have all heard of the fact that a perfume is composed of base notes, middle notes and top notes. The latter will provide in fact the first impression of a fragrance, but they are usually volatile and won’t last longer than 30 minutes. The middle notes or heart notes as experts call them are in fact the ones that will start to make their presence known after 10 minutes or more since applying to the skin. These middle notes are the ones that will classify that particular scent: from floral to oriental, wooden or exotic. The base notes are the fixatives of that particular perfume, they will give the fragrance its power and lasting quality. If you are wondering if all fragrances have these notes, you should know that some perfumes, usually described as linear will lack either the base or the middle notes. For instance, Allure Sensuelle, this beautiful perfume from Chanel has a lavishly floral base note of vanilla and rose, while middle notes are of sandalwood and vetiver, and top notes are lemon, mandarin and peach.

Perfume Horoscope: How to Choose the Best Scents According to Star Sign

Are you wondering what the most suitable scent is for your personality type? Even if you believe the horoscope is a bunch of “mambo jumbo” stories, many perfume experts agree to the fact that your star sign personality will indicate the best and most appropriate fragrance for you.

Even if you don’t truly believe in picking anything based on your sign, a fragrance horoscope may help you choose a suitable perfume gift for someone close to you. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Aries (19.03- 19.04)

This is the sign of natural leaders, dynamic personalities who are also known for their adventurous spirit. The most suitable scents are based on red rose, vanilla, mandarin and gingerbread notes.

Top perfume:  Burberry Britt

  • Taurus (20.04- 20.05)

One of the most reliable and grounded personalities of the horoscope, Taurus is ruled by Venus and the most suitable perfume notes are sensual and floral. Look for notes of bergamot, jasmine and patchouli.

Top perfume: Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf

  • Gemini (21.05- 21.06)

One of the most easygoing signs, Gemini born people are really creative and full of imagination. Fresh citrus fragrance notes are the most appropriate for a native.

Top perfume: Citrus Allegro

  • Cancer (22.06- 22.07)

The most sensitive and emotional natives of the horoscope are creative, friendly and very good lovers. A suitable scent will have to include a classic note of lily and magnolia with a few sweet honey notes.

Leo natives are strong personalities and very artistic beings. They are powerful and assertive and the most suitable perfume notes are fruity with top notes of rose and spicy cinnamon.

Top perfume:  Addict to Life by Dior 

  • Virgo (23.08- 22.09)

For the orderly and critical Virgo, details are what matter. In a chaotic world, Virgos are the practical sign of the zodiac that can help things stay in place. Delicate and feminine scents are recommended, with top notes of laurel, mandarin, bergamot and orchid.

Top perfume:  Happy by Clinique

  • Libra (23.09- 22.10)

These are calm and nurturing people who are usually warm and charming in nature. Spices are the most recommended top notes.

Top perfume: Shalimar by Guerlain.

  • Scorpio (23.10- 21.11)

The moody and mysterious Scorpio is normally passionate and emotional about things they care for in life. Top notes are cedar, musk and patchouli.

Top perfume: Cartier Must Be

  • Sagittarius (22. 11- 21.12)

This is a personality that is loving and full of fresh energy, natives are generally intellectuals or artists. A woodsy fragrance is most suitable, with notes of musk and amberseed.

Top perfume: L’eau d’Issey

  • Capricorn (22.12- 19.01)

This is the most reliable and responsible sign of the zodiac, so for these down-to-earth people, the most classical fragrance is recommended.

Top perfume: Undoubtedly Chanel No.5

  • Aquarius (20.01- 18.02)
    The stubborn and independent Aquarius is unusual and unexpected, so when picking a fragrance for them, look for something sensual with notes of sage and patchouli.

Top perfume: Intuition or Adventurous by Estee Lauder

  • Pisces (19.03- 18.04)

Fresh and honest Pisces can be shy and sensitive and always true to themselves. Notes of amber and citrus, as well as a touch of wisteria and plum are highly recommended.

Top perfume: Mediterranean or 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden


Gifting Perfume for Any Occasion: A Small Guide

Offering perfume as a gift can be a very romantic gesture, or, depending on your relationship with the other person, something that is highly personal. In general, you cannot go wrong with perfume, even if we are talking about holiday gifts or special occasion ones. But a perfume gift can turn into a smelly disaster, if you don’t research your gift well. Here are a few easy tips that will help you ensure you never go wrong with offering a fragrance gift.

  • Don’t go for the most obvious

Have you ever wondered why most people would give Chanel 5 as a gift? This is because they are convinced they cannot go wrong with it. However, perfume is more personal than that and a goof fragrance gift will be about picking the right fragrance for the person who will receive and wear it.

  • Make sure you know the person well

A perfume choice is rather primal, not intellectual, so you will have to really trust your instincts in this. First, when smelling it, you will have to remember what the person you are buying the perfume for looks like. Try and imagine how they would feel wearing this perfume. Is it suitable for their personality. What kind of a person are they? Are they easy going and loving life? Are they rather shy and intellectual? There are different choices for every personality type.

  • Try gifting a favorite

If you have come to know a person very well, you are likely to already know what they like most. You can inquire among your circle of friends and relatives, and you will most likely discover what they like to wear.

  • Don’t go only for the perfume, choose matching lotions

A perfume will last longer if worn with matching body wash, powder or lotion that will make the fragrance longer lasting and more intense. Try gifting a full set, the recipient will be very happy to receive such a precious gift.

  • Don’t go for cheap perfumes

A perfume gift aimed at someone you love should be something precious so don’t try to go cheap and buy something that is low quality. Your gift will not be well interpreted. Try and acquire a designer fragrance and if possible, make sure it comes in a really nice bottle, in this way more senses will get enticed by the gift.

No matter if you choose a Dolce & Gabbana fragrance, a sweet and delicate Ralph Lauren or an elegant Dior, make sure you know the person very well and you choose something that they will surely like to receive as a gift.


Easy Tips on How to Buy Your Fragrances from an Online Discount Perfume Shop

Buying perfume online should not be difficult, it can be the same thing as buying any commodity: easier, quicker and more reliable. However, many people still prefer to visit a fragrance shop, so they can choose the scent that suits them, better. If you plan to buy your new scent online, you should be well prepared with a few tips and tricks though.

Here are a few steps to take, first:

1)      Step one: choose your reliable online perfume provider
Of course, this stage can start with a Google search, but this can be confusing. You only want the best, so you are strongly suggested to search for reliability and a proven track record of happy customers. An online perfume shop like LilyDirect can be one of your best choices, as both quality and top prices are top priorities.

2)      Step two: Decide what fragrance you are looking for
Browsing through an online collection can be really tempting. If you don’t have a very clear idea of what you are looking for, you can fall prey to temptation and end up buying something you don’t even like.

3)      Look for special discounts
If you want quality perfume but you are not prepared to break the bank for it, a good discount perfume shop will provide the right choice for you. Some online providers have very significant discounts on big brands perfumes, some of these are periodical, some for special occasions so keep an eye on your chosen online boutique’s offer.

There are other things you can keep in mind, when selecting a great online perfume provider. Some depend on your personal taste. However, a few things are really useful to keep in mind, when selecting an online shop. Look for answers to these questions:

a)      Will my perfume be returned or refunded if I decide I don’t like the product?

b)      Does the website have a customers’ phone line, for emergency cases

c)       Can I cancel the order, if I change my mind?

d)      Are prices a match for physical perfume shops?

e)      Does the provider offer me ways to save money on either price discounts or shipping orders?

f)       Does the website provide the SSL encryption capability for my personal info?

g)      Does the online provider have a good BBB rating and standard business certifications?

If you have established all these things, buying your best perfume online will be a walk in the park. You should be able to count on the professional services provided by LilyDirect’s online discount boutique.