Perfumes of the World: Anais Anais or the Triumph of Simplicity

Cacharel: The Vehicle for the Legendary Fragrance Creation 

In a world where marketing is everything for a product, Cacharel perfumes have undoubtedly stood out as marketing hits. The first perfume the hours created in 1978, the iconic Anais Anais is still one of the most iconic scents of the 20th century and very much sought after today. Anais Anais became a reference scent throughout the 1980s as the perfume of choice for young women barely out of their teenager years, who still reminiscence it fondly, even after 30 years. This makes this legendary creation from the house of Cacharel one of the most influential perfumes in history.

The iconic perfume designer Paul Leger was credited for this creation, together with three other creators. The surprising thing about it is the fact there is no novelty or no real sophistication, nothing very challenging in this creation’s formula. The complex white floral bouquet is built around the Madonna lily, completed by fruity, floral and woods notes. It starts with an opening note that is both fresh and provocative, given by the presence of galbanum. The core unveils lily of the valley notes, combined with the clean orange blossom scent that make the perfume sweet and accessible. Supporting notes include rose, jasmine and honeysuckle but the latter is barely felt.

A bit of brand history

It all started in 1958, when a very successful tailor, Jean Bousquet, moved from Nimes to Paris and opened a tiny studio. The very huge success of his first design collections made him open the House of Cacharel. This was amplified in 1963 when the Elle Magazine introduced the famous seersucker shirt on the cover of its November edition. The entire world was looking for Cacharel and the famous blouse became the epitome of an entire freedom of dress movement for women and men alike.  Encouraged by the brand’s enormous success, the house diversified its activities and branched out into perfumery, starting 1969. Nowadays, Cacharel is sold throughout the world, in a whole network of multibrands shops and concept stores.

Other wonderful fragrances from Cacharel include Amor Amor a delicious and sparkling floral scent, Noa, a great variant for men, Lou Lou, a soft- oriental floral perfume, Scarlett, a delicate fragrance for very young women.

Perfumes of the World: Guerlain Fragrances Define Beauty Standards for Over 170 Years

Any perfume encyclopedia of the world will list the name Guerlain under the Classics of the Genre. Every expert in fragrances will tell you that:  this purveyor of luxury fragrance and beauty products has left a remarkable print over the past 170 years by defining and reinventing the standards of beauty. With a portfolio consisting of no less than 700 fragrances, Guerlain is an enduring symbol of style and innovation in a very competitive world.

A bit of history

The story of Guerlain began in 1828, with Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain: chemist, explorer, incredible inventor and pioneer, the House’s founder was an all-round talent. He opened his first perfume store in Paris and, as a reputable chemist, his success was instant thanks to his revolutionary work, which led to many innovative products and accolades. Created as a family business, the perfume shop very soon became the most sought after place in Paris, also due to the creator’s core belief in quality over quantity. This dedication to creating scents that do not compromise on quality has brought Guerlain the patronage of high members of society. The crowning moment in the story of the House of Guerlain came with the creation of Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale, in 1853. This legendary fragrance was created like an homage to Napoleon’s wife, Empress Eugenie. Pierre Francois was named the Official Perfumer of her Majesty the Empress, which brought him further fame and opened up new possibilities. Over the years, the perfume designer managed to create fragrances for Queen Isabella of Spain, Queen Victoria of England and other prominent royal figures.

 Today’s flagship fragrances

With 700 different perfumes being created throughout the years, the House of Guerlain remains one of the most prolific names in the world of beauty products. Two of the most important scents that have remained classics throughout the 20th century are still very much sought after today.

Who hasn’t heard of Samsara, the exotic pearl on the crown of the illustrious house? For anyone seeking classic perfumes, or for any real Guerlain fan, this is the definition of classic. Created in 1989 by Jean Paul Guerlain, this is one of the most sensual and sophisticated creations that are still adored by women throughout the world. The epitome of a “sensual date perfume”, Samsara tells a universal story about seduction and feminity. Starting from a juicy and fresh note based on lemon and bergamot, the creation develops into green scents of peach and ylang-ylang. At its heart, it blooms into an opulent symphony for the senses: jasmine, iris, violet and rose all in a seductive bouquet. The base notes re made of Tonka bean, amber and musk.

Another newer fragrance that has quickly turned into an unforgettable classic is L’Instant. Created in 2003, this was the first Guerlain perfume to ever contain magnolia among its top notes. Many perfume experts consider it a modern masterpiece created like a double olfactory pyramid. The creation opens with top citrusy notes with hints of mandarin and bergamot, giving way to white flower notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and magnolia and later blooming into a sensual and mysterious componsition of musk and vanilla.

Perfumes of the World: Amouage

To help you with your fragrance choices, LiliDirect opens a series of blogs that will be briefly presenting a specific perfume brand. These expert perfume tips will help you determine which perfume may work best for you and which may not.

Amouage- the luxurious “gift of kings”

If you are looking for a lavish perfume that will you embrace you in a wellbeing feeling of sensuality and comfort, you may invest in one of the many Amouage creations. At the heart of all Amouage perfumes lies a signature scent that appeals to the distinctive part of every woman. If you want to truly feel unique and beautiful, invest in a scented Amouage creation.

A bit of history

30 years back, the Sultan of Oman decided to restore the great Arabian art of perfumery. As a result, the first Amouage fragrance was created, which was considered at the time the most valuable and precious perfume ever created. The Amouage original scent was the masterpiece of legendary French creator Guy Robert and is now sold in 20 countries throughout the world. For the creator himself, this first  fragrance jewele was a crowning glory of a career spanning decades, a career spent working for the likes of Hermes or Dior.

In the past three decades, all fragrances created for Amouage became the epitome of elegance and luxury. Today, Amouage perfumes are born from the imagination and experience of internationally recognized perfumers in Paris and in Grasse, South of France. The stars in this fine fragrance portfolio are: Gold, Dia, Ciel, Reflection, Silver, Ubar, Jubilation, Lyric, Epic, Memoir, Honour, Interlude, Beloved and the the newly launched Fate.

Newest fragrance: Fate

The latest creations in the Amouage series have been part of a larger narrative, because, according to creator and the brand’s creative director Christopher Chong, every perfume tells a story deeply connected to our lives. The latest creation launched in September is called Fate and has both a variant for men and one for women. Celebrating the mystery of life of universal order of things, this new creation is highly philosophical at its core while also crowning a series of wonderful scents that included names such as Lyric, Epic or Jubilation.

Fate for Woman has a blooming floral heart, yet opens with a spicy note and starts from a base made of frankincense and oakmoss. Additional notes include chilli, pepper rose, jasmine, vanilla and rose.

The variant for men opens with a citrusy scent, giving way to an inebriating Absinth charming note and then to sharp Ginger which pervades to a predestined heart of Rose and Frankincense. Some additional notes will include cumin, saffron and mandarin.

If you are considering gifting someone special in your life with a truly unique object, Amouage may just be that treasured thing.


Top FAQs from a Perfume Expert: What Men Should Know About Applying Aftershave and Perfume

As in the case of women, less is more is a good rule to follow for all men using perfume, after-shave or eau de toilette. However, some other rules apply to men, as well, so if you are interested in how to make a fragrance last longer or what to use after shaving, read a few perfume expert tips below.

Should I use a different perfume or aftershave depending on the season?

Yes, the rule is basically the same as with women’s fragrances: use heavier notes in winter and in colder months, in general and lighter scents in summer. Some men would prefer to use the same fragrance year round though, in which case we recommend using a lighter version for the aftershave in warmer weather.

How much perfume or eau de cologne should I be using?

One thing that many men tend to become oblivious about is the fact that women have an acuter sense of smell than men, and as a consequence, a man will use a perfume more liberally. In other words, they would spray a certain fragrance as an aftershave, splashing is all over, but this is wrong. Remember that a cologne or perfume has a more potent concentration, so use less, a lot less than what you normally use when spraying aftershave.

What difference is there between an eau de cologne and an aftershave?

A perfume or cologne is meant for your body, while aftershave is exclusively meant for the face. Depending on the perfume concentration, you will have between 5 and 15% concentration of fragrance in your eau de toilette, which means essential oils in their purest form. In an aftershave, fragrance is basically 2%, a lot less alcohol and emollients, antiseptics which are usually not included in a perfume. This is also the reason you should never use an eau de toilette on your face.

Why does the same aftershave smell differently on different men?

As in the case of women, the answer is basically the same: body chemistry and skin types are to blame for this. Fragrance molecules in either aftershave or perfume are soluble in oil. The rule is basically this: on an oily skin, a fragrance will develop over a longer time interval and it will last longer. On dry skin, it will evaporate quicker. So, if you have oily skin, try and keep away from oriental notes, go for lighter citrusy fragrances or green notes. For men with dry skin, the more potent the fragrance, the better. Go for woody oriental notes, they will last longer and smell better on you.