Best 2013 Perfume Choices and What to Wear in 2014

Another year is leaving us in just a few hours and, as usual at the end of the year, we look back at our choices over the past 12 months.  While 2013 was not a year particularly rich in new fragrances, classic perfumes were among the top choices for women everywhere. Below are a few of the top perfumes that were loved and bought by customers, throughout the past year.

Fuel for Life from Diesel

There is something irresistible about this perfume, made of black currant notes, doubled by the delicacy of Patchouli and jasmine. Fruity, vibrant and energetic, this is the ideal fragrance for women who are looking for a scent to wear during a weekend, or on their spare time.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Looking for a perfume that is both top quality and friendly for your budget? This is the ideal choice: a lavender, bergamot and mandarin composition that adds a touch of orchid and manages to put together a wonderful scent, that is equally suitable for romantic dinners but also for day wear.

Infusion d’Iris from Prada

The epitome of elegance and beauty, this Prada scent is ideal for business women, who are always between flights, always in motion. Orange blossom and mandarin give it sweetness and freshness. One of the most captivating perfumes that were recently launched.

2014 is yet to amaze us with new scents, new fragrances that will be launched by the great designers but equally by the independent creators. But if you are looking for suggestions of classical perfumes that you should buy throughout the year and wear on various occasions, here are a few tips:

L’Elixir by Nina Ricci

This is a truly remarkable and alluring scent, and so far it has been immensely popular among women of all ages.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

This is one of the finest perfumes ever made by this fashion house, because of its distinct fragrance that is not only poignant but lasts longer on the skin. Wooden notes of amber, doubled by pomegranate make it irresistible for all ages.

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

If you ever buy just one perfume in your life, make sure it is this one. Since 1977, this addictive scent has remained on top of the classical choices as one of the most provocative and sensual creation ever made. Suitable for women who love classic things, who love elegance and sophistication, this is probably one of the most famous and bought creations around the world.

Whatever you do in 2014, make sure you don’t overlook your love for quality fragrances. LilyDirect wishes everyone a Happy New Fragrant Year!

Last Minute Perfume and Fragrance Gift Set Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is practically here and again, this year, you find yourself in a rush over last minute Christmas gift buying. So many people to make happy with a gift, so little time to actually do the shopping. And, on top of that, you are running out of ideas. LilyDirect has a few suggestions that are guaranteed to make even the most pretentious of friends and relatives happy. You save a lot of the shopping hustle and the result with definitely be a great and overall efficient set of gifts that will bring smiles on your loved ones’ faces.

Gifts for him

It is always a delicate business- that of finding the right fragrance or fragrance set for a man. Below are a few classic suggestions that have actually stood the test of time.

1)      A Calvin Klein set

You can never go wrong with a Calvin Klein. No matter what type of man this is for, the elegant yet subtle and modern scents used in these designers’ eau de cologne can please even the pickier of men. Opt for a set that also includes after- shave or body wash. For instance, you can go for an Encounter set that has a wonderful eau de toilette spray included and a complementary body wash.

2)      James Bond perfume

There is virtually no man in this world who hasn’t secretly dreamt about being the famous British spy. For the glory or the women, the reasons vary …J You can help them smell like that, at least. Opt for an elegant bottle of James Bond 007 Quantum eau de toilette and you can make your significant other quite happy this Christmas.

Gifts for her

1)      A sweet sweet fragrance

Women love sweets, and those who are trying to keep their figure in check will definitely compensate by using a very sweet perfume. There is nothing sweeter than this Pink Sugar eau de toilette for young women, from Aquolina.

2)      A great gift set

Gift sets are always best choices, when it comes to Christmas gift shopping. Every woman will appreciate this, because it will offer her the opportunity to get her favorite fragrance in more ways than one. Everyone knows that perfume lasts longer when combined with a bath and body product that is complementary. This Fancy Love set from Jessica Simpson includes a nice looking bottle of perfume, a bath and shower gel and a body lotion. Sheer perfection in just one set. Your lady will simply adore it.

There are many online options for getting a last-minute perfume gift set for Christmas. Choose the convenience and affordability that buying from LilyDirect can bring, and browse a fine selection of perfumes and gift sets at incredible prices.

Happy last minute shopping and a very Merry Christmas!

Fragrance Gifts for Christmas: Favorite Perfumes by Age

A quality perfume will usually be quite a safe bet for a gift for Christmas, and this would definitely make the woman in your life very happy. But what if you have more women in your life that you want to offer such a gift to? Buying a fragrances will obviously take more thought than just reaching for the prettiest bottle. Below are a few tips and suggestions of perfume for women of various ages:

For your little princess
No little lady is actually insensitive to the charms of the Hello Kitty brand so the safest bet would be to go for the Hello Kit Spot perfume. Any vanilla and fruity fragrance will actually do. If you have a more sophisticated lady that will receive this gift, go for a mini Burberry perfume. If your little princess is a teenager now, you cannot go wrong with this flowery scent from Kenzo.

For a woman in her twenties
A glamorous young woman will always go for a warm, delicate fragrance made of amber, sandalwood with floral notes. Or you could try the energetic charm of a Marc Jacobs fragrance. Honey is probably the best suited for a stylish little lady, as it incorporates peach nectar, honeysuckle and orange blossom notes. Lola is another unique Marc Jacobs scent that would fit a young woman’s style very well.

For a woman in her thirties
Tom Ford fragrances seem the best fitted for more sophisticated thirty-something ladies. Who doesn’t love the sexy scents of lavender and orange flower in creations such as Portofino or the adorable flowery notes in Violet Blonde? Also, you can never go wrong with a fine Prada creation.

For a lady in her forties
Estee Lauder creations are generally best sellers with ladies in their forties, who love layered perfume with a hint of mystery. Classics such as Estee or Beautiful will always be a pleasing gift for a lady who is in her forties.

For your mom or mother in law
Women over 50 just love the classical scents. You cannot go wrong if you select a crowd pleasing classic, even if you don’t know much about the lady who will receive the gift. A Jean Patou floral perfume will please the senses of your mother, but so will a Dior or Chanel creation. If you want to be 100% right, you will never go wrong with Chanel no. 5.

Buy Perfume for Christmas: The Guide to Buying Perfume for Her

Every woman loves to smell good and there is no better gift for Christmas than a pampering sets of fragrant objects. If you can afford it, a couture perfume would be even the best choice. If you are considering a practical gift and are thinking of ruling out perfume, think again: your better half may have a different idea about what is practical and what is not. And, any woman will tell you: there is nothing more practical than a nicely wrapped bottle of their favorite fragrance.

Below are a few reasons why you should consider buying a nice and expensive perfume for a significant lady in your life:

1)    This will make her feel pampered. To women, perfume is like the final touch to their entire appearance, and physical appearance is something most ladies work hard for: makeup, hair, fashion choices, these are all completed by the delicate touch of a fine perfume.

2)    Many women cannot afford to buy a designer perfume on a regular basis, so such a gift will make them feel unique and appreciated. It will also be a gift they will cherish for a long time and will use with pleasure. Also, it shows you actually pay attention to her needs.

3)    Perfume is practical because it is a space saver. Some ladies don’t appreciate very big gifts. But a perfume bottle can always fit a pocket book or a purse, and she will carry it with her all the time.

4)      The ultimate argument is that nothing is more romantic than a bottle of fine perfume as a Christmas gift for the one you love. Fragrance is known for stirring the senses and creating feelings of love and sensuality in the others, so a well-chosen perfume bottle will speak volumes.

A few perfume gift suggestions

a)      For a woman who is pretty domestic, loves her family and the things she can do to make her house seem like a real haven, try something with big bloom notes, including jasmine and rose. Our suggestion: Chloe by Chloe

b)      For a style queen who is always on top of fashion trends, something alluring and sensual might be the best choice. Any of the Vivienne Westwood perfumes would do.

c)       For a lady who loves luxury above all, who is permanently polished, you definitely need a fragrance that is larger than life. Try something sophisticated and expensive like Stella by Stella Mc Cartney.

Offer a Gift of Perfume: Fragrance Buying Guide for the Holidays (part 1)

As the most magical time of the year is really close and everyone is thinking about making gifts, we will use the upcoming blogs on LilyDirect to put together a comprehensive perfume buying guide for you.

Why do we generally offer perfume as a gift to other people? Because fragrances are strongly tied to emotion and memory, because giving someone the gift of perfume is rather intimate and practical at the same time. No matter what scent the recipient will love, one perfume will always match their preferences.

Below are a few of the most important reasons why a perfume, cologne or fragrance set constitute a perfect gift for the holiday season:

1)      A compact, easy to wrap gift

Easy to buy, easy to wrap and rather light, this is one of the most precious gifts you can give someone you love. Such a lightweight present is also easy to ship and it will overall be an affordable thing to send as a Christmas gift.

2)      Affordable for all budgets

Scented gifts come in many shapes and forms, as fragrances come in various concentrations. If you are on a tight budget, there will always be colognes or other less expensive solutions to acquire for an affordable price. If you can afford a more expensive gift, your choices are virtually limitless, as well. If you are feeling adventurous, independent perfume designers or brand new scents can be less expensive than established fragrances, so you can go for that.

3)      Perfume gifts are luxurious

Many people do not consider perfume an everyday purchase, so when someone takes the time to offer them such a special gift, they will really appreciate it. Perfume speaks about pampering, about relaxation and luxury, so it will increase self-confidence and lift the spirits of everyone who received such a gift.

4)      A perfume gift is suitable for any kind of person

Everyone likes to feel pampered and a fragrant gift will undoubtedly make every recipient happy, no matter if the scent is their favorite or not. Also, you can offer such a gift to a wide range of people: a gift of perfume can be romantic- offered to your better half, it can be a sign of respect and love- when offered to a close relative or a close friend, it also can be a sign of good taste and admiration when gifted to a person you are in a business relation with. So you can virtually never go wrong with buying a perfume gift.

Overall, perfume is a lavish and personal gift that any effort made to find the perfect perfume will be greatly appreciated and cherished. Start looking for a perfect gift of perfume for all the loved ones in your life now, by checking our latest discount scents and special offers on LilyDirect.