Choose Your Perfume Notes Carefully: Trends for Spring 2014

We all know it: spring is a season that is always appropriate for new beginning. Naturally, you will want to start the spring off with a new and fresh fragrance- maybe a completely new one from your signature perfume or something complementary. In any case, picking a new fragrance can be a bit overwhelming. You have options galore both on your online perfume providers’ sites and on the specialized shops’ counters: from feminine and floral to sweet or sensual. But you also want to keep with the most recent trends so naturally, you are wondering: what are the trends in the industry for the spring- summer season 2014?

Experts differ in their opinions but everyone agrees: floral is back in power. In general, the spring and summer seasons always see a move toward lighter scents and this year is definitely no exception. People will be looking to buy perfumes inspired by summery accords, in an inspiration generally drawn from rich flower stalls and farmers’ markets. Accords of fresh strawberry, delicate rose, combined with gourmet notes will definitely be the champions in 2014.

-          Rose: the champion. It has probably never fallen out of fashion as people who appreciate delicate flavors have always favored rose as an ingredient in their perfumes.  This floral scent will always be a preferred choice for women who love to smell good and mark a return to nature with their scent choices. Rose notes, together with lavender- are part of a general trend of scents that induce mental clarity and relaxation. As research has shown that the smell of roses may help reduce anxiety, go for a rose- based perfume and make sure you go through your daily chores this spring as fresh and relaxed as possible. Suggestion: Rose Splendide by Annick Goutal

-          Fruity notes. The sweet notes are returning with a vengeance this year and they will be the ingredients of many perfumes young women will prefer. Add to strawberry notes a bit of caramel notes and you have a great perfume that teenagers and 20- somethings will adore. Suggestion: Summer Romance by Ralph Lauren

-          Gourmand and other floral notes. Combinations will also be very trendy this year, so know that caramel and chocolate notes are quite en vogue still, especially if you combine them with floral notes.  Sassy carnation and heady tuberose will also be very much appreciated this season. Some of these even have a note of sparking citrus to make everything into a yummy combination. Suggestion: Divas or Party Perfume by Ungaro

And no, we haven’t forgotten the gentlemen! Perfume trends for them stay rugged and masculine, bringing in a perfect balance of intense spices including black pepper, cardamom and clove, combined with a touch of sweet mandarin. Another trend will be the combination of smooth frankincense, edgy woods and smooth leather. Suggestion: Burberry.
Whatever you go for, one thing is sure: go for quality and don’t compromise on your fragrance choices.

Perfume Buying Tips: How to Avoid Counterfeits

You love perfume so much you would do anything to get your hands on more fragrances. If this is you, it means you are in danger of falling prey to perfume scams. Or, you may be tempted to buy more counterfeit perfumes, thinking they will smell and feel the same. Well, you would be wrong entirely. And, which is more, these can be really dangerous for your health.

So, even if you love to try and wear different fragrances, it is always best to go for the real deal.

Here are a few reputable perfume dealer tips:

  1. Keep in mind perfume fakes are big business. They are also illegal. Experts estimate that about 20% of what is sold on the market are faxes. So, when you purchase counterfeit perfumes, you basically support criminal activity and may contribute putting local people out of jobs. Fake goods deprive the copyright owner of money that can be used to fund new development.
  2. Remember that buying fake scents may pose a danger to your health. People who create counterfeits will use lots of dangerous chemicals that are used in place of authentic perfume ingredients. You probably were quite unaware of the fact but some use vodka instead of clean alcohol, goat’s urine as a stabilizer, and a chemical usually used in rubber, called acetyl cedrene for the perfume creation. The latter will be absorbed by the skin and causes contact dermatitis.

This is mainly because fakes don’t undergo usual safety standard routine procedures that regular perfume designers are submitted to and the overall work is conducted under questionable conditions.

What are the consequences of using these on your skin?

  • Cheap perfume will cause an allergic reaction on your skin
  • It will stain your clothes

What can you do to avoid purchasing fakes?

  • Make sure you buy from a reputable online seller
  • Make sure the provider guarantees the perfume is 100% original and has a return policy.
  • Check any feedback about the seller, if they have any negative feedback stating ‘counterfeit’ or ‘fake’, steer clear!

Our LilyDirect products are all 100% original guarantees. Try our special pages for men and women or unisex fragrances today and browse an extensive collection of affordable and all genuine perfumes.

Layering and Mixing Your Perfume: Reinventing the Classics

Do you think you have had enough of your old perfume? Changing it with something just as potent and to your liking may be quite a challenge. Consider this fact: more than 1.000 new fragrances are being launched every year, which is a huge number, when compared to 70-75 new perfumes released on a yearly basis 20 years back.  How can you choose from so many new and fresh scents, and how can you make sure what you pick will be at least as beautiful and strong as your old perfume? Have you considered reinventing your own perfume of choice? Sometimes not all new perfumes are the best and revisiting the classics is always a very good idea.

Layering and mixing are very good ideas. Here are a few tips:

You have heard about it before: this is an easy way of making your perfume last longer throughout the day. Layering usually starts in the shower with a washing gel that is ideally from the same fragrance family with the perfume.

Keep in mind that fragrances that are made of one or two notes are usually ideal for layering and mixing and this is a very popular trend altogether. A very good example of such perfume series is Gucci’s Flora Garden collection. This includes the classic scents that can be found in garden perfumery, from violet to magnolia, from gardenia to tuberose. Each of these fragrances highlights the strengths of a single flower.  These perfumes can be easily used for layering, and mixing as they are based on simplicity and this is a very good way of making perfume more approachable. Other notes that are good for layering are vanilla and amber based ones.

Below are a few very good combinations:

  • Vanilla goes with florals and the result will be a tropical smell.
  • Vanilla and woodsy notes will give you the sweetest perfume ever
  • Combine musk notes with citrusy ones.
  • Marine scents will blend well with light floral but stay away from mixing with gardenia..

Keep in mind that this is not something that can be done with all perfumes. For instance, very distinct fragrances that are built of more notes and are more sophisticated in their design may create truly horrible results if you attempt to layer and mix them with something that is not complementary. In truth, experts recommend that you use either unscented bath and body products for such perfumes, or you use the complementary bath products that come with the same signature. A very good example of such a perfume is Channel no. 5.

Perfume Wearing Tips and Tricks: How to Maximize Your Fragrance’s Power

You love scents, you are actually so in love with them that it is hard to settle for a single fragrance. You like to wear perfume at any time of day, even when you go to bed at night. You are actually so fond of scents, your whole home smells like a perfume shop. If this is you, know you are not alone. But how many perfume tips do you actually know, that will help you put a method to all this madness?

Below are a few perfume tips and tricks that you may or may not have known. May they guide you through the rich and luxurious world of scents!

  1. Perfume can be successfully worn as a party trick. Make sure to lightly mist the outside part of your hand, before getting in to the party. All guests will have a whiff of your perfume as they come out to greet you and the first impression will be one of elegance and charm.
  2. Your wrists and other blood flow points on your body are not the only places where you should spray your perfume. Your hair can get a hint or two of your favorite fragrance, this will keep your entire scent appearance consistent throughout the day.
  3. Don’t go so fast about spraying perfume on your clothing pieces. Take a test first, choose a hidden part of your outfit, maybe the inner lining and spray it on a bit. If after a few minutes the perfume still smells the same, this means it did not interact too much with your clothing. As a general rule, it is best to keep those hidden areas scented instead of just spraying oily perfume all over an expensive dress, this may very well ruin it.
  4. Apply your perfume before putting on jewelry. Or even try and spray it far away from your favorite jewelry pieces, especially pearls. These can become discolored in time from the contact with perfume. Other metal jewels can lose their coating as well.
  5. If you cannot have enough of your favorite fragrance, put a few drops of perfume onto an oil burner to scent your bedroom.
  6. For better results and for a longer lasting fragrance, you can put a few drops of your favorite creation in your bath, before you get dressed.
  7. Even your lingerie can benefit from your favorite scent, if you add a few drops into the rinse water when washing it.

There are so many more tips and tricks about using perfume. Look out for our next week’s blog to find out more.