Celebrity Endorsed Perfumes: A Few Great Creations You Should Try

Since their creation, perfumes were associated with royalty and VIPs. Natural or synthetic aromatic creations are today used in an overwhelming array of scents, pampering the senses and making everyone think of a care-free, dream life. Perfumes also increase the glamour quotient and have been an indispensable accessory of famous personalities down the ages, all over the world.

One trend that has been manifesting itself over the past years is celebrity perfume endorsements, and these have taken over the perfume ad world.

In 2012 alone, 73 new celeb scents were launched, according to an article published by The Telegraph. Of the top perfumes launched in 2013, 35 were endorsed by someone famous, an actress, a rock celebrity or a model. This is astounding, when you think that a few years back, most brand advertising was done with professional models. But nowadays, pairing a big name celeb with a newly launched or revamped perfume is the way to reach sure success. A celebrity will bring a lot of buss, a scintillating persona into the limelight and this can prove to be a lucrative business both for the product creator and the celeb in question.

From Brad Pitt to Beyonce, from Cate Blanchett to David Beckham, if the name is big enough, the perfume will definitely sell. Here are a few examples of celebrity endorsed perfumes, which are actually also very good creations as well.

Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir

Kirsten Dunst and Rachel Weisz are both Oscar nominated actresses who have proven not only a real talent, but are considered two of the most beautiful women in the world. It is thus not so surprising to see their beautiful faces associated with this classic perfume that celebrates feminity, mystery and love. Both these ads have been extremely successful.

Miss Dior Cherie

Natalie Portman couldn’t have chosen a better scent to represent than this elegant, classy and delicate creation representing the spirit of young, successful women throughout the globe. She definitely represents this haute couture brand very well, with her simple and absolutely gorgeous style.

Coco Mademoiselle 

The Chanel brand chose British actress Keira Knightley, with her insular charm to represent the new sexy and modern SS11 fragrance that many young ladies in the world crave for.

 Gucci by Gucci

The popular hunk actor James Franco has been the face of Gucci for more than five years already. His modern style, his approachability and masculine playfulness make him the perfect face for this fragrance that is dedicated to young, self- sufficient men.


4 Top Rated Celebrity Perfumes You Should Try at Least Once

We know them like we do our own family: we have seen them shine or sell, they are our beloved celebrities that bring a bit of spice and excitements to our lives. Some of these aren’t just happy with creating a no.1 hit or a hit movie, they are doing anything to bottle their star status into a signature perfume. We have all been tempted to buy at least one such creation from one of our favorite stars. Many times, we have been disappointed with the creation. Below are a listed a few of the top rated perfumes created by celebrities.

1)      Heat by Beyonce

If you are into fruity musk perfumes, this is one of the best choices for you. Perfectly capturing the sensual spirit of its celebrity, Heat is actually one of the best rated celeb fragrances that incorporate floral with spices. It contains notes of red vanilla orchid, neroli, honeysuckle nectar and blush peach, but also leaves room for some sweeter notes of almond macaroon and amber.

Many will not handle the sweet peach opening note, but for those in love with sweeter perfumes, this is actually a dream fragrance.

2)      Signature by Celine Dion

This is another sweet fragrance that opens strong with flowery notes and leaves room for softer sandalwood or amberwood notes. This very sophisticated perfume opens with sweet and fresh notes, somehow fruity due to the apple, citrus and guava combination. The mimosa blossom is a secondary note that is actually at the heart of this perfume creation. For those also looking for rose notes in it, don’t expect too much, as the rosy notes are a bit too subtle. This is a perfect perfume for 30- something women who like to feel cheerful and fresh all day long.

3)      White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Mrs. Taylor was one of the first celebrities to launch her own signature perfume. This is most appropriate for classy elegant 40- 50 year old ladies, less appropriate for young women. This classic fragrance contains notes of tuberose, narcise, jasmine, neroli and unfolds in a symphony of woody notes of sandalwood and oakmoss.

4)      Just Me by Paris Hilton

This is considered by many as one of the best smelling celebrity perfumes recently launched. More appropriate for 20 something ladies, this is a sweet fruity creation with a musk base and several fruity notes, from peach nectar to frozen apple. The secondary base notes are actually the ones giving it originality: it includes freesia and ylang-ylang.

A Few Top Perfume Choices for this Season

With the Easter just around the corner, no one can claim spring is not here already, embracing us all in her scented and warm aromas. What will you be wearing this spring? Here are  few of the best perfumes that are considered classics in a perfumista’s world. If you haven’t already, try them and you will fall in love with at least one of these fragrances.

Guerlain perfumes: Chamade and Cherry Blossom: After all the leather, wood or incense notes the winter has brought with it, everyone will crave a thick floral perfume. For the connoisseurs, you should try one of the classics: Chamade- an absolute spring choice for its almost narcotic hyacinth notes with a mouthwatering touch of cassis. This was created by Paul Guerlain in 1969 and was meant to emulate the heartbeat of a woman in love. This fragrant love story contains Turkish rose, jasmine, lilac, ylang ylang and lily of the valley, delicately ennobled by amber, iris and Tonka bean subnotes. It may be tougher to find this fragrance online or at your nearest luxury perfume provider, but not impossible. If you want to replace this with another wonderful Guerlain classic, you can go for Cherry Blossom, a delicate symphony of blooming flowers.

Cartier Baiser Volé Parfum:  This classic perfume builds upon an older Cartier creation, the oriental, potent and passionate Le Baiser du Dragon. The composition is more sophisticated and complex, with an exciting emphasis on mystery. The very feminine note is given by essences of rare lily and several additional notes that make it fresh and powdery.

 Lanvin Eclat D’Arpège: This exclusive Lanvin creation will steal your heart with its freshness and beauty. Top notes are green lilac and petit grain; middle notes are peach blossom, wisteria, red peony, green tea and Chinese osmanthus. At the base of this wonderful creation you can find the more masculine wooden notes of cedar and musk, everything being embraced by an amber kiss.

Eau de Chloe: If you are looking for something a bit more fresh, this is it. This joyful creation speaks love of life and nature, it features sparkling citrus accords reminiscent of refreshing lemonade, accords of rose petals and natural distilled rose water that give a dewy character to the fragrance, and warm and elegant veil provided by patchouli. This is most appropriate for women who are in touch with their connection to nature, women who like to dress in a stress- free, all natural way.

Other possible choices:

  • Parfum de Nicolaï Le Temps d’ Une Fête
  • L’Artisan Parfumeur Seville à l’Aube
  • Christian Dior Diorissimo
  • Yves Saint Laurent Yvresse / Champagne

Fragrance Industry Trends in the 21st Century: What Are Consumers Looking For?

We have seen how the fragrance industry evolved in time. Knowing about the past of a certain product is certainly helpful, but how much do we know about the present? What are the trends in fragrance design, in the 21st century?

Globalization is a term you have heard about, applied in various areas of society. This also applies to the fashion and fragrance industry. Old concepts of geographic barriers are quickly evaporating and the gradual economic globalization, together with a rapid growth in Internet communication all contribute to a shift in approach. Disparate areas of the globe are now in contact with one another in a very tangible way, and in order to survive, the fragrance industry must adapt to this.

Below are a few of the main trends currently manifesting in perfume making:

1)      A tendency to make perfume more approachable.

The emergence of mass product lines in perfumery has brought about a lowering in prices. Competition is so fierce, with big designers’ houses extending their lines throughout the world that anyone who wants to survive in a market supersaturated with products has to adapt their price line.  This is also due to the fact that consumers are more aware of the fact that some of the mass market products can deliver the same quality as their luxury counterparts.

2)      A new tendency to buy online

The advent of online shopping, even for premium consumers’ products is a trend that cannot be ignored. The time-saving products are a response to the needs of today’s ever-busy consumers who want to limit the amount of time spent on their daily beauty routine.  In 2010 more than 11 billion USD worth of sales were online transactions. E-commerce outlets continue to expand their range of products; websites are nowadays explaining the smallest details and specifics of the different products’ contents and prices.

3)      People are looking for long- lasting products

Now, more than ever, the consumer will be looking to get a good price- value ratio. Everything in the cosmetics industry is subject to this trend- from nail polishes to 24 hour skincare. Perfume makes no exception as more and more consumers will be looking for long lasting, poignant creations that are high quality and able to last all day on their skin.

4)      Another new trend is sustainability

When introducing new products, cosmetics manufacturers increasingly start emphasizing that they were produced in a way that was not harmful to the environment whilst their effectiveness remained comparable to their previous versions. Moreover, perfumes and other cosmetic products are created on the basis of advanced research technologies which makes them higher quality.