Great Perfume Houses Part 5

It’s that time again! Welcome to the 5th installation of our bi-weekly presentation of the great perfume houses from around the world. We’re staying in Paris this week and looking at the interesting history of Yves Saint Laurent

This French fashion house was founded by Algeria-born, Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent. It’s good to note that both the designer and the house are often abbreviated as YSL. The history of YSL and his fashion house is quite a fascinating one.

Laurent began his career in fashion as a teenager, but it is said that he had been designing clothes since he was 7 years old. At 17 he became the assistant to Christian Dior and was named the head of House of Dior 4 years later when Christian passed away. But Laurent’s fashion career was put on hold when he was drafted into the Algerian army in 1960.Retrospective-Yves-Saint-Laurent

In 1962 Laurent returned from service and opened his own fashion house in France. YSL’s unique and masterful couture creations rocked the fashion world and he became one of the most influential fashion designers of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Laurent was always a love and admirer of women and his beautiful fashion creations reflected that.

In 1964 the YSL house launched its first fragrance, Y for women. The elegance and luxury of Y was meant to match that of his couture fashion. YSL’s first men’s fragrance, Pour Homme, was launched in 1971 and Laurent shocked the fashion world once again when he posed nude for the fragrance’s ad campaign. Since 1964 YSL has launched hundreds of delightful fragrances for both men and women; Opium Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent being among the most popular of YSL’s scents.

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A Scent for Every Dad

Father’s Day is on Sunday so in honor of the Dads of the world we want to take a moment to talk about men’s cologne. Men and women approach fragrances with very different attitudes. Women tend to take their time in choosing a signature scent. A woman may spend years trying out different scents until she lands on just the right one. A man, however, doesn’t usually put so much effort into his scent. Of course these are not hard and fast gender rules. We all know that woman who could care less about fragrance and that man who has carefully cultivated a scent for every occasion. But generally speaking, men tend to spend far less time testing options and choosing a signature scent.

So how about this for a Father’s Day gift idea: This year, rather than arbitrarily choosing some random scent for your Dad that smells nice when you spritz it in the air, offer your Father a “fragrance consultation” that you will follow up on by purchasing that perfect scent that you both decide on. You two will have fun spending a day together trying out different scents and finding just the right one to match your Dad’s personality and body chemistry. Then you can find the chosen scent on Lily Direct at a discounted price. Your Dad will think you are thoughtful as well as wise for saving money by buying his gift on a discount fragrance site.

Need a jumping off point? We have a few suggestions based on personality types. If your Dad is a laid back kind of guy who spends his days in jeans and t-shirts, citrusy fragrances may be his thing. You can start by trying Essenza di Colonia by Acqua di Parma and go from there. Dad an outdoorsy kind of guy who likes to garden or hike regularly? A green scent, such as Nautica Voyage Cologne by Nautica, could be the perfect fit for him. Maybe your Dad is more like the quintessential manly man who loves sports and cars; these dads may prefer a spicy scent like Tom Ford’s Noir

Great Perfume Houses Part 4

Welcome back! This is the 4th installment of our bi-weekly presentations of the great perfume houses from around the world. Today we take you to Paris for a look at the French high fashion and perfume house, Hermes.

The Hermes Fashion House has a rich and interesting history. Established in 1837 by Thierry Hermes, it was originally a harness making shop which soon expanded to include the manufacturing of saddles and other equestrian accessories. Over time, as the business was passed down through 5 generations of the Hermes Family, they moved into the high fashion world eventually manufacturing and selling luxury clothing, leather goods, accessories and fragrances for both men and women. This family owned label is the epitome of true class and teeming with tradition.

It wasn’t until the 1900’s that Hermes began to expand beyond equestrian accessories. In the 1920’s Emile-Maurice Hermes introduced, and patented, the zipper in France. The Hermes luxury fashion line began with leather handbags and clothing, including the patented zipper, and expanded from there. In 1924 Hermes established a presence in the United States and in 1929 they previewed their first women’s couture collection in Paris. Starting in the 1950’s, the Hermes Fashion House began releasing signature pieces such as the Kelly Bag made famous by actress Grace Kelly.

It wasn’t until 1951 that Hermes entered the fragrance world with Eau d’Hermes, a unisex perfume composed by Edmond Roudnitska. Ten years later Caleche, the label’s first women’s fragrance, was composed by Guy Robert and instantly transformed Hermes into one of the major players of modern perfumery. Since then, fragrance after fragrance has been released, each one confirming Hermes’ status as a heavy hitter in the fragrance world.

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Success in a Bottle?

Did you ever wonder what makes a great man or woman great? Was he just born that way or is there an external force determining his greatness? Certainly greatness stems from multiple factors coming together in just the right way, but here at Lily Direct we like to think that scent is definitely one small factor that makes up that elusive greatness mixture. And when one perfume house has perfumed an extensive collection of history’s greatest names, and continues to perfume contemporary greats alike, you have to stop and ask yourself, is it something in the spritz?

The Creed perfume house has created a legacy of unrivaled scents, both commissioned and worn by a host of global royalty, politicians, movie stars and first ladies. It’s rumored that it Remarkable letters from King Geoge IIIall started with a bottle of ‘Royal English Leather,’ commissioned by King George III.

Today, over 200 years later, First Lady Michelle Obama has said she is a devoted fan of Creed perfumes. Over the last two decades and beyond a wealth of famous names— Winston Churchill, JFK, Frank Sinatra, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna and Julia Roberts…just to name a few—have either commissioned or worn Creed scents.

The list of famous Creed wearers is seemingly never ending: In 1920, at the request of Winston Churchill, ‘Tabarome Millesime’ was created; a take on the original ‘Tabarome’ fragrance, Churchill’s version contains notes of tobacco.

JFK is said to have worn ‘Vetiver.’

‘Spring Flower’ is said to have been commissioned for Hollywood starlet Audrey Hepburn in 1951. Since King George III there have been a plethora of European royals said to have commissioned scents from the Creed perfume house.

Don’t worry too much if you are an ordinary person who cannot commission a personalized scent, Creed has plenty of exquisite scents on the market. Many of the scents that were originally commissioned are later available to the general public. You can find great deals on Creed scents such as ‘Original Vetiver’, ‘Love in White’ and many more right here on the Lily Direct website. With so many great names wearing Creed scents, isn’t it worth it to see if you can find success in a bottle?