Great Perfume Houses Part 11

Welcome back to our bi-weekly look at the great perfume houses "creed logo"from around the world, perfume lovers! If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs you may remember a few months back when we discussed the many powerful people in history who have worn Creed fragrances. Well this week we are going to dig a little deeper and take a look at the history of the famed perfume house…

The House of Creed was founded in 1760 in London by James Henry Creed. In Creed’s early years the house was recognized for its quality, refinement and originality and so it was the chosen fragrance provider for the aristocracy all across Europe. The lavish Creed legacy has shifted throughout the years to keep up with the times, but it is still considered one of the most refined and exclusive perfume houses to this day.

In 1854 the House of Creed moved to Paris, where it is still head quartered today. Creed has a long history of creating specialty scents for the famous, rich and powerful of each era since its founding; and the current House of Creed is no different.

While Creed did become a well-known and widely regarded perfume house throughout the 20th century, it wasn’t until the mid-1980’s when it released Green Irish Tweed—an eau de parfum created by master perfumer Oliver Creed.

Here’s the fa"green irish tweed"ct that we here at Lily Direct find the most impressive: House of Creed is STILL family run today. That’s right! Creed has been a family-run business for over 250 years. The house is currently headed by master perfumer Oliver Creed and his son Erwin Creed. We sincerely hope this perfume house will defy all the odds and continue to be a family-run business for hundreds of years to come.

There aren’t many perfume houses out there that have an opulent legacy like that of House of Creed. If you’re looking for an elegant, chic scent perfect for the specialist of occasions, we recommend a Creed fragrance above all others.

Fragrance Etiquette

Whether you’re a man or a woman; whether you’re wearing perfume or cologne; whether you’re going to work or to a party; whatever the circumstances, whatever your gender, there is a certain fragrance etiquette that one should always follow. So this week we are going to lay out some of the Dos and Don’ts of fragrance use.

DO apply your fragrance straight out of the shower, while still nude: Your skin’s warmth diffuses your fragrance to perfection. It’s your body chemistry that completes the scent of a fragrance, which is why it should go on your bare skin rather than your clothing. For a spray fragrance, hold the bottle about six inches from your body and spritz one pump to each wrist, your neck and the back of each knee.

DON’T over spray yourself: A fragrance is meant to draw people in, not assault every person that walks in your direction. People should have to be close to you in order to smell you.

DO wear what you love:  Choose scents based on your personality and body chemistry. If you don’t absolutely love what you’re wearing, chances are it doesn’t represent who you are.

DON’T be afraid to mix things up: Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try out different scents, choose a signature scent, experiment with layering, switch your scents up with the seasons… whatever you want to do, just have fun with your fragrances.

DO wear a special scent for special events: This is my personal favorite. If you choose a special scent for a special occasion, then every time you wear that scent in the future you’ll recall that fond memory.

DON’T rub your wrists together after you’ve sprayed them: The friction created by rubbing your wrists together crushes the molecules in your fragrance and changes the scent.

Spray in your hair? Some say DO some say Don’t: While some beauty gurus advocate for spritzing your fragrance in your hair for an all over scent that lasts all day long; others say the alcohol base of most scents could dry out your scalp so it’s best to leave the spritzing to your torso and limbs. So I’ll leave this one up to you.

If you follow these simple do’s and don’ts"Diamonds and Emeralds" of fragrance etiquette, you’ll be sure to get noticed no matter what you’re doing. And always remember: Whether it’s Diamonds & Emerald Perfume by Elizabeth Taylor that mixes perfectly with your body chemistry or it’s Eternity Cologne by Calvin Klein that puts a smile on your face, Lily Direct has all the discount fragrances you love!

Great Perfume Houses Part 10

Here we go again perfume lovers! It’s time for the 10th installment of our bi-weekly presentation of the great perfume houses. We liked exploring the history of an American fashion house last week so much that we’ve decided to stay in the U.S. again this week.

Roy Halston Frowick was born on April 23, 1932 in Des Moines, Iowa. Halston’s mother was a seamstress and it was through her that he discovered his love of sewing early on in life. Halston began creating hats and altering clothes when he was just a boy.

Halston began his career in fashion as a milliner, and it was actually a hat that catapulted him to fame. He designed the pillbox hat that Jackie Kennedy wore to her husband’s presidential inauguration in 1961. The instant and immense popularity of Halston’s pillbox hat gave him the platform he needed to move on to designing women’sJackie-O wear.

Roy Halston dressed many celebrities throughout his career but he also became a celebrity in his own right. In his heyday, Halston ran with the biggest celebs and frequented the hottest hot spots of the time. Everyone wanted to wear him, be him and be around him. Halston himself embodied glamour and his elegant, timeless designs are still coveHalston and Lizated today.

The chic style that was Halston designs was translated into fragrance form in 1975 when Max Factor released Halston Perfume by Halston. The idea behind Halston’s fragrances mimicked that of his designs—his scents were just as easy to wear and equally as stylish. Since the release of his first fragrance, scents such as Halston Z-14 Cologne by Halston have continued to be coveted by fragrance lovers and fashionistas alike.

Whether you’re looking for a Halston fragrance or you have another perfume house in mind, Lily Direct offers the elegant fragrances you desire at prices you’re sure to love! Our discount fragrance prices blow our competition out of the water. Take a look around our wide selection of scents today.

Fragrance Storage 101

Perfume storage can be tricky. To get the most life out of your fragrances, there are a few specific guidelines you should follow. A retail store that sells fragrances should especially follow these guidelines to the letter, but with so many variables—such as lighting, temperature and customer handling—potentially out of their control it can be hard for a retailer to keep their fragrances in the best conditions. Since Lily Direct is exclusively an online market place, we are able to keep our colognes and perfumes stored in the best possible conditions and sell you the fragrances you love at prices you’ll love even more. Once your fragrance arrives at your doorstep, follow these storage steps to ensure your favorite scent lasts a long, long time…

Heat, humidity and frequent temperature fluctuations are not ideal. Many people choose to store their perfumes in the bathroom, as they are a part of their daily beauty routine; but the heat and humidity in your bathroom will actually breakdown the chemical bonds that give your perfume scent. On the other hand, storing your fragrances in the refrigerator is not a good idea either. It’s best to store your fragrances in a dry, consistently room-temperature place such as a closet.

Direct light exposure is not your fragrance’s friend. While it may be tempting to keep your beautiful perfu"Black Orchid"me bottles on display for all to see and admire, this is not the best idea. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, or even direct light from a lightbulb, will quickly degrade the quality of your perfume. It is best to keep your fragrances in dark or opaque bottles and to store them in a drawer or closet away from light. Black Orchid Perfume for Women by Tom Ford is an example of an intoxicating scent that comes in a perfectly opaque bottle.

Tuck your fragrances away rather than keeping them on display. Light exposure is not the only reason to keep your perfumes tucked away. When you display your perfume bottles on high shelves, or in heavy traffic areas where people may handle them regularly, you are leaving them open to unnecessary damage. More often than not perfume bottles are very delicate and must be handled as little as possible and with great care. I know it’s hard to keep a beautifully packaged scent like L’eau De Kenzo Amour Perfume by Kenzo tucked away, but trust me it’s for the best.