A Scent for Every Occasion

You plan your outfit and accessories based on the occasion. Your work outfit for example will likely be very different than your date outfit; and your first date outfit is probably even very different than your 5th date outfit. You put a lot of thought into your fashion choices and your fragrances choice should be no different. Your scent is after all an extension of your style; perfume and cologne are invisible fashion accessories that you can smell.

So how does one decide which scent goes with which occasion? Maybe we can help…

Work Appropriate: It’s best to just apply a light spritz when heading off to work. You don’t want to overwhelm the entire office with your aroma, no matter how delicious it is. Your best bet is to go with a subtle, light, crisp scent with fresh notes. We would recommend Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume by Burberry for the perfect everyday work fragrance.

Casual Fun: The best choice for a casual scent is similar to your work scent—it should be light and crisp, but unlike the work scent it can be a bit bolder with stronger, perhaps citrusy or earthy, undertones. Have fun with the casual fragrance choice; pick a perfume or cologne that matches how you’re feeling that day. Very Hollywood by Michael Kors is definitely a fun option to consider.

Date Night: White, floral fragrances always scream romance. For a sexy but not too overwhelming scent, choose fragrances with iris or orange blossom notes. Pour Femme Intense by Dolce & Gabbana is the perfect scent for any date night.

Special Occasion: When you’re dressed to the nines and headed to an extra special event you want your aroma to match. You’ll definitely want to choose a warm, rich fragrance with woody, musky and/or spicy notes.  Spritz a little Si by Giorgio Armani on and you’ll turn heads—and noses.

Whatever the occasion, whatever fragrance you choose, Lily Direct has all the best discount fragrances you could ever want!

Winter Fragrance Guide Part 2: Men’s Edition

We realized something recently; the majority of our past fragrance guide blogs have been focused on women’s fragrances. But there are definitely male fragrance lovers too! Well, we are sorry we have been neglecting you men out there. Here at Lily Direct we have a wide range of discount fragrances for both men and women—and unisex too—so it’s about time we start being equal opportunity bloggers.

A few blogs ago we offered up a guide to our favorite winter scents for the ladies. This time around we are going to list a few of our favorite winter fragrances for men…

Legend Cologne by Mont Blanc- Think back to high school when you used to douse yourself in Abercrombie Fierce; if you liked that comfortable scent but now you’re looking for a more sophisticated version, then Legend is the fragrance for you. The mix of fruity and woodsy in this scent is perfect for every first date you go on this winter.

Gentlemen Only by Givenchy- This clean, earthy and smoky scent should be your go-to cologne for all day wear this winter. The tonka bean and leathery aroma won’t offend the senses so you can wear it from work to happy hour with confidence.



Burberry London Cologne by Burberry- If you’re looking for the epitome of a w"discounted Burberry London Cologne by Burberry"arm and masculine scent Burberry London is the cologne for you. With notes of wood, leather, tobacco, spice and a tiny bit of citrus, this has been THE go-to winter fragrance choice of men for years.



"discounted Dior Homme cologne by Christian Dior"Dior Homme by Christian Dior- This should definitely be your number one scent for special occasions this winter. Whether you’re trying to impress that special someone or you want to smell your best for your best friend’s wedding, this sweet and exotic fragrance is sure to get the job done.


Great Perfume Houses Part 17

Great Perfume Houses Part 17

It’s about that time again fragrance lovers—time for another bi-weekly installment of our exploration into the great perfume houses from around the world. Some of the names we’ve explored so far are classic perfume houses with long rich histories; others have been newer names to the industry; and other still have been real trail blazers. Well, this week’s name lands in the category of trail blazer. So sit back, relax and join us for a brief look into the story behind Elizabeth Arden"lily direct"

Florence Nightingale Graham was born in 1878 in Canada. In the early 1900s it was still rare for women to wear make-up or pamper themselves, and it was even rarer for a woman to run her own business. But Graham had a vision; in 1910, now going by Elizabeth Arden professionally, she opened her first beauty spa on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and began to build one of the world’s first global beauty brands.

Elizabeth Arden was a true innovator in the field of women’s cosmetics. Her company introduced North America to the concept of eye makeup for the everyday woman and pioneered the beloved “makeover” in the Elizabeth Arden beauty salons. Arden was also the first to introduce travel-size beauty products. Her incredible contribution to the cosmetic industry was—and continues to be today—recognized globally. Elizabeth herself ran the company until her death in 1966.

Her first fragrance, Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden, was released in 1934. While the company continues to produce cosmetics and skincare products, somewhere along the line they shifted their focus to fragrances. Some of our personal favorite Elizabeth Arden scents here at Lily Direct are 5th Avenue Night Perfume and Mediterranean Perfume.


Winter Fragrance Guide

For a lot of you fragrance lovers out there, a new season means a new fragrance. Here at Lily Direct we definitely have a perfume for every season; and our wide selection of discount fragrances make it easy for you to have the same. Winter is a time when you want to stay warm and toasty whenever you can, so it makes sense that you’d want to go with a warm and toasty scent that makes you feel special no matter what you’re doing. Below are four of our favorite scents for you to rock all winter long:

"winter fragrance"The One Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana The One is a warm, floral scent with notes of vanilla and amber-musk that is perfect for wear all throughout the cold winter months. This perfume screams femininity! Use The One as your signature scent and you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Fame by Lady GagaWe’re sure when you think Lady Gaga you think bold and ostentatious; but Fame is actually a flirty, fruity, subtle scent that is perfect for a night out on the town with your girls. Spritz it on before you get dressed and reveal a delicious scent when you take that coat off for the night.

Premiere Perfume by GucciLooking for the perfect scent for a night out with that special someone? Look no further than Premiere. This light, delicate perfume smells of crisp white flowers and is sure to heat up your romantic life this winter.




Stella by Stella McCartneyLove the smell of flowers after a rainstorm? Then this feminine yet strong scent with notes of rose and warm amber is perfect for you. Spritz Stella on before a first date and we can almost guarantee you’ll get a second date.