Great Perfume Houses Part 20

I can’t believe we have already gone over the history of 19 great ones! So off to London we go with number 20 and don’t worry, we have tons more to tell you about.

Miller Harris is a British perfume house that develops fragrances in the classic French style. Founder Lyn Harris trained and studied and then trained some more to incorporate a traditional sensibility while creating unique and modern scents. Lyn trained in Paris for 5 years before moving on to study at the prestigious Robertet in Grasse.

Robertet is widely recognized as a leader in using natural aromatic raw materials. Their knowledge, acquired over the years has made their name known as constant innovators in this field.

After leaving Robertet, Lyn went to London and founded Miller Harris in 2000. From the very beginning, Miller Harris scents have been adored as their legions of fans can attest. Few Houses have such a devoted following and even fewer give you the ability to build a “fragrance wardrobe”.  With Miller Harris, you can not only have different scents for different seasons, but different fragrances for different looks or moods.

Here are just a few of the Miller Harris fragrances that has to offer.

Coeur de Fleurmiller harris

–This decidedly delicate scent is perfect for that sweet romantic feel. Its top notes are sweet pea and mimosa; middle notes are raspberry, peach and iris; base notes are vanilla, amber and Egyptian jasmine.

Fleurs de Bois

-Perfect for a summer morning this scent is great for a man or woman. Its top notes include Sicilian lemon, green mandarin and rosemary.

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I Love You…Well, I Love the Way You Smell

Scents and fragrances can be much like music and song lyrics. They have the ability to transport us in time to an exact moment and evoke vivid memories we thought we had long since forgotten. It is an involuntary response we have as human beings. It is one of our most powerful subconscious reactions. We all attribute familiar scents with specific blocks of times in our lives and make subconscious decisions based on those reactions. One of the most prevalent decisions is our selection of life partner.

Humans secrete scents known as pheromones, which in turn affect the behaviors of those around us. Again, this is always a subconscious, involuntary response. It is believed that by altering ones pheromones you can alter the response of other human behavior towards yourself. This is where cologne comes into play. By selecting just the right cologne men believe they can trigger a sexual draw in women as an involuntary response to the pheromones released.

There is significant medical research to support that this is the case. Humans are, after all, just mammals. All other mammals use the attraction formed by pheromone release as their deciding factor when selecting a mate. Why should humans be any different?

In humans, once just the right pheromones are released and detected by another human, the hypothalamus starts to elicit attraction, desire and even sexual arousal. All based just on pheromones!

Men and women both release pheromones and both respond in a sexually aroused manner when matched with the right partner.

Make sure you choose the right fragrance! It could be a more important decision than you think.

We recommend for the Ladies-Pure Sensual Perfume for Women by Karen Low. This fragrance is clean yet intoxicating.





And for the men we suggest-Versace Eros. A classic and heady mix, women polled stated that this was THE sexiest cologne around.


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