Great Perfume Houses Part 22

Viva l’Italia!

Our exploration of great perfume houses from around the world continues and as you can guess we are staying in Italy-Parma to be exact! So let’s get started and take a look at the house of Acqua di Parma.
Acqua di Parma, a symbol of Italian expertise and grace, was founded by a group
of master perfumers in Parma in 1916.  Since their founding all their products of
fragrances, candles, bathrobes and leather accessories have been made in Italy.  
The company started out by offering a Eau de Cologne, Acqua di Parma Colonia, intended to scent the handkerchiefs of elegant men.  It was a light refreshing scent compared to the more common stronger and heavier in composition perfumes of the time.
The 1930s was the time period of increased popularity, which led to increased
production and distribution.  The “Golden Age” for Acqua di Parma Colonia would
between the thirties and fifties, when it was successful among members of high
society and also Hollywood clientele.  Notable celebrities who wore Acqua di
Parma were Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Lana Turner and Ava Gardner.
With subtle blends of sunny essences of floral notes of lavender, rosemary, damask rose, verbena and sunny essences of Sicilian citrus fruits, the Colonia
formula has remained unchanged for nearly a hundred years.  It was not until 2003 that an alternative scent was offered, Colonia Assoluta.
Acqua di Parma is now more than just a perfume house.  In 1998 Acqua di Parma opened their first bouqieu on Milan’s Via del Gesu.  In 2008 they opened luxury spa Blue Mediterraneo Spa in Porto Cervo (Sardinia).

All products and services under the Acqua di Parma umbrella are dedicated to quality, creativity, elegance and exclusiveness.

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Proper Perfume Storage

Perfume and cologne can be pricey purchases even when you get them at a great discount at Lily Direct. So to protect your delicate investments, make sure you are storing them properly. The following tips should help you along the way!


Don’t store perfume in the bathroom! Humidity can react negatively with scents and cause them to break down faster.

Don’t store perfume in direct sunlight.  Beautiful perfume bottles are tempting to display, especially where the sun can make the bottle sparkle. Two things happen –the sun breaks down the components of perfume very quickly and the heat from the sun can also destroy the scent and even warp the bottle.

Don’t fuss with your perfume bottle. What this means is don’t shake your bottle or open it excessively. I know it is tempting to open your bottle just to take a whiff, especially if it is a new fragrance-but don’t. If you are wearing that scent, great!-dab it on. If not, leave it alone. It is a myth that perfume must be shaken before an application to ensure that the ingredients are properly mixed. In fact, the opposite is true: Perfumes are designed to remain evenly mixed if they are stored properly. Shaking perfume not only incorporates air throughout the perfume, accelerating its breakdown, but it can also lead to breakage of the delicate glass bottles.

Do keep your fragrances at a constant temperature. A cool, dark environment is ideal but that does not mean the refrigerator unless you have purchased a small fridge or wine cooler specifically for storing your scent collection. In that case, you do not want the temperature to go below 5proper perfume storage3 degrees or just a tad colder for citrus fragrances. If investing in a fridge just for your perfume collection sounds a little extravagant, then I suggest a linen closet in a part of the house that does not get too hot in the summer months.

A perfume collection is an integral part of a woman’s life. Different days and events require different scents.  Make sure you are ready for every situation by having your scents properly taken care of and ready to go!

Great Perfume Houses Part 21

In part 21 of this series we travel to lovely Italy and the majestic House of Fendi.

The House of Fendi’s rich cultural history dates back to 1925 in the heart of Rome. Fendi was first established by Edoardo and Adele Fendi in early 1925 in Via del Plebiscito, Rome. It was here that the couple created the city’s very first handbag and fur workshop. Nearly immediately the name “Fendi” became synonymous with “quality.” The Fendi’s always focused on high quality materials and extreme precision to create some of the most astonishing pieces the country had seen at this time.

The Fendi’s went on to grow their family and had five young girls. As the girls began to grow they joined in the family business and introduced a more feminine perspective than the company had seen thus far. The girls greatly admired a French designer by the name of Karl Lagerfeld. Mr. Lagerfeld went on to become a large influence on the company and even designed what you know today as the Fendi logo! This logo wasn’t established until 1960 and is often referred to as the “two f’s.”

It wasn’t until 1990 that Fendi began to play with adding a men’s collection. Up until this point they focused more youthful styles that menswear was not a priority. While maintaining the quality they have always been known for Fendi successfully added a men’s line that still exists today. Now, you can find Fendi in over 160 stores in over 25 countries worldwide! You can often find stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz sporting Fendi quite regularly.

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The Science of Smell

The old saying is, “The nose knows.” My question is, “How?” I did a little digging (aka Googling) and thought I would share with you what I found out.

For you to be able to smell something, molecules from that something have to make it to your nose. So that means that everything you catch a whiff of, pleasant or rancid, releases molecules. The things that have no smell are things that release no molecules, like steel, for example.

At the top of your nasal passages behind your nose, there is a patch of neurons about the size of a quarter. They are unique in that they are out in the open where they can come into contact with the air. They have hair-like projections called cilia that increase their surface area. An odor molecule will bind to these “hairs”, trigger the neuron and voila-you smell a smell.

According to the book Molecular Biology of the Cell:

Humans can distinguish more than 10,000 different smells (odorants), which are detected by specialized olfactory receptor neurons lining the nose…. It is thought that there are hundreds of different olfactory receptors, each encoded by a different gene and each recognizing different odorants.

So think about this the next time your special someone sits next to you and you are enveloped in a scent. Their scent-that unmistakable combination of fragrance, soap, and products-whatever it is that makes them smell like well, them… is really a combination of a whole bunch of science and physiology.

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