Buying a New Perfume? Read This First

Finding the right perfume to compliment you can be trying and difficult, but it only takes a few simple steps to choose the fragrance that suits you.

Consider What You Like

When deciphering which scent is for you it is important not to follow fads or trends; instead gauge your own style. Are you a person that is laid back who prefers to wear jeans or are you more of a classic person that wears dress pants? By analyzing what you like through your own style you will have an idea of which avenue to take when choosing your new fragrance.


One of the best ways to find the scent for you is to experiment with difference aromas and brands of fragrances. Whenever you find yourself at a perfume counter ask the salesperson for a couple of samples. Also, a person doesn’t have to have only one signature scent. For certain occasions a person may have an alternative scent which gives off an impression for the situation at hand.

Gain Knowledge

Fragrances have “notes”. Some notes are incessantly light in strength while others are full-bodied. The lighter notes of fragrances dissipate only after a couple of hours while notes that are bolder may last six to eight hours.

Go to Outlets instead of Malls

You don’t have to go shopping at expensive boutiques and malls for perfumes. There are outlet malls and online stores that have perfumes from all over the world, available to you at fairly inexpensive prices.

A person that is on the quest to find the perfume that is right for them should be aware that everyone is different. All human beings naturally have their own “scent” and any fragrance that you wear will smell differently on one person than it will on the next person.

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