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Exploring a Scented Man’s World: a Look at Different Cologne Scents for Men

Smell is a powerful thing. It entices, it sparks memories, and it conveys a message. This is one of the reasons men are more likely to have a signature scent. While women change perfume for the occasion men will wear the same cologne all the time. When picking your cologne it is important the scent message fits your personality. Although there is no across the board definition for men scents can be broken into four categories.

Tobacco Fragrances
I call these the Study Colognes. These scents bring to mind an old fashioned study full of aromas from the leather chairs, fireplace wood, smoke and a good scotch inhabited by men of sophistication and elegance. Usually they are a mixture of synthetic smells of woods like mesquite, leather, and leaves.

Outdoors Fragrances
This group can be broken down into three smaller categories the herbal, the woodsy, and the green. The herbal scents combine common herbs like sage, rosemary, musk and others. The woodsy are those mainly made of scents like sandalwood and cedar mixed with lighter floral fragrances to create a forest smell. The greens rely on the smells associated with color such as grass, moss and spearmint. While the fragrances vary they call to mind an outdoorsman and adventurer.

Fruit Fragrances
Here we have two categories: citrus and non-citrus. Citrus includes fruits like lemon, bergamot, and mandarin oranges while non-citrus are apples, berries, figs, and even nutty scents like hazelnut. These colognes are known for being fresh and mood enhancing. They make one think of the man on the cover of a romance novel handsome and strong, but comforting.

Exotic Fragrances
These make us think of the mysterious, slightly dangerous stranger from a far off land. Many of these scents rely on mixtures of food and spice smells. They mix the common like vanilla, coffee and cinnamon with the more exotic such as clove, ginger and various peppers. Often they will add oriental floral fragrances such as orange blossom.

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A Fragrance For Everyone

The Holidays are here… time to start thinking about what to get loved ones and friends. Holidays are a time to share and this season a gift set is a winner for all. Favorite fragrances are available in all sorts of wonderful collections and sets.

Perfume gift sets can offer one their favorite scents in a variety of fashions. Not only are the perfumes available but usually a surprise powder, lotion or travel size to go with the perfume. Wonderful accessories combined with name brand quality perfumes will make one squeal with the opening of well chosen perfume gift sets.

Cologne gift sets are a wonderful choice. Don’t leave the men in your lives out. This gift is two sided because the giver and the gifted get to enjoy the wonderful fragrances alike. Some of the best cologne gift sets are available online and just in time for the season. Gift sets offer value since the quality cologne usually comes with unique accessory items and toiletry extras.

Bath and Body Gift Sets are appropriate for everyone. One of the biggest holiday sales items, bath and body gift sets are great for teachers, colleges and friends. In a wide arrangements of fragrances these sets are sure to please anyone. From fresh and clean to spicy and sweet. The plethora of choices is amazing. These sets can often cross over into ones favorite perfume or cologne line. A double whammy in gift choices.

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Men, Cologne & Grooming Habits

Men need to take care of themselves to look handsome and well kempt. Beauty tips are very important and men must take them seriously. A man has to use cologne to smell well. If you dont use cologne you will have bad odor. You have take a bath at least twice a day, have a shave everyday, have a change of clothes daily. You have to take care of your hair also. Take care of your socks and shoes too. Apply roll-ons everyday.

In fact, some men are very dirty. They dont even know that they can buy men’s cologne from the store and take care of themselves. Men’s fragrances are found everywhere and are very cheap. Imagine that you leave your house in the morning without wearing men’s cologne after about you sweat it will be terrible. You are going to have body odor. I advise all men including boys to learn how to use men’s fragrances all the time. When I just met my husband he was not using cologne. It took me sometime to encourage him to use men’s cologne and when he started he was very pleased and appreciate me. He also advised his friends to use men’s fragrances all the time to keep them fresh all day long.

My boy of thirteen also forgets to wear his roll-ons or perfume because he is very playful and forgets most of the time. I make it a point to remind him everyday.

Men must take their well being very important. It gives them more marks when they stand infront of a lady. Imagine you want to talk to a lady and you dont have confidence in yourself because of body odor. That will be terrible. Please men take your time and take good care of yourself. It pays off.

A Trip Down Scent Memory Lane

There are numerous perfume brands that I enjoy wearing. When I was younger, I only shopped for one kind of perfume and refused to try any others. Now as an adult, I enjoy exploring new brands, smells and price ranges for a fragrance. Designer perfumes are often worn by people that have seen them advertised in magazines, on store shelves, or heard of from watching television. My favorite designer perfume is called “Poppy”. It is made by “Coach” and is fairly expensive, but is worth every cent. It smells amazing and is not overpowering. I also really enjoy wearing any perfumes made by Britney Spears. Her fragrance line is absolutely to die for.

Men’s cologne also typically smells fabulous. I purchase Tommy Hilfiger cologne for my husband. There are different scents to choose from, and I enjoy any Tommy scent on my husband’s clothing and body. A lot of people are allergic to cologne and fragrances of any kind, but I am so happy that I am not one of them. I would not know what to do if I couldn’t spray myself with my favorite perfumes before work each morning.

After my husband and I work out at the gym each day, we spray on our favorite fragrances right after we shower. That makes the ride home more positive and smelling fresh. Perfumes that are designer brand may be costly, but there are discount websites and sales that will allow you to purchase your favorites for reasonable prices. Department stores have a wide variety of scents and brands to choose from too.