The Chemistry of a Well-Scented You

Most Perfume types belong to a fragrance family that tells the raw material that the perfume is made of and the scent. There are several fragrance categories. When you are familiar with them it will help you pick a perfume that is right for you.

Floral is the most popular category of perfumes. Floral perfumes are made from flowers and the chemistry used make to scent like your favorite flowers lavender, roses, lilies, or orange blossoms. Some perfumes smell like one flower and others a bouquet or mixture. Technology has found a way to copy scents when no oils can be extracted from the flower, so many new exciting floral fragrances are available. Their are powdery flowers that scent factor is so small they have to be created in the lab. These created scents often smell better than the flower would when made in the lab.

Citrus scents are made from skins of oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit and others in the family. The oil from the fruits skin is what gives this perfume a scent. Sometimes they are combined with other scents.

The Oriental fragrances category has floral scents gardenias, and tuberose. The spicy oriental scents use cloves and woods scents. Woody oriental blends have the smell of sandal wood, cedar or vieter. Often the oriental perfumes will have a scent of vanilla.

Woody fragrance smell like outdoors and certain wood. Mossy wood fragrances often smell like moss, wood, and sometimes citrus. Dry wood often smells like moss, cedar, pine, burnt wood, and tobacco. Fruit scents smell like apples, peaches, bananas or berries. Spicy perfumes remind you of the kitchen with scents like ginger, cloves, cinnamon and pepper.

When trying Perfume types smell the fragrance try it on to see how it smells to you. Buy perfume with a scent that you enjoy smelling.

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