How To Choose a Perfume for Your Favorite Woman

Perfume is a great gift for a woman. She’ll get lots of use out of it and she’ll likely use it every day. And each time she uses it, she will fondly remember that you gave it to her.

The trick is knowing which scent to choose for her. If you know what perfumes she already uses, you’ll have an advantage in knowing her preferred family of scents If you don’t have this advantage, don’t be afraid to ask her friends or family.

You can go by observation if you don’t know or asking someone close to her is not an option. What scents have you smelled on her in the past? You may not know the name of the scent she chooses to wear but you can observe if it is a soft scent or a little stronger. Does it make you think of flowers or is it a citrus? Those can help guide you in your purchase for her.

You can choose a scent that makes you think of her when you smell it. Take a day to go and just smell different perfumes to see what reminds you of her. Be sure to take a breather in between smelling different scents so your nose does not get confused.

It is also an option to think about her personality when you are shopping for her. If she is bubbly and cheerful you may want to go with a light, fun fragrance. Maybe she is quiet with an understated beauty; in that case you might want to choose something soft in the fragrance department. Does she have a boisterous personality? That may call for a fragrance that demands attention.

Choosing a fragrance for a woman doesn’t have to be difficult. It might just be fun and she’ll surely appreciate it.

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