Exploring a Scented Man’s World: a Look at Different Cologne Scents for Men

Smell is a powerful thing. It entices, it sparks memories, and it conveys a message. This is one of the reasons men are more likely to have a signature scent. While women change perfume for the occasion men will wear the same cologne all the time. When picking your cologne it is important the scent message fits your personality. Although there is no across the board definition for men scents can be broken into four categories.

Tobacco Fragrances
I call these the Study Colognes. These scents bring to mind an old fashioned study full of aromas from the leather chairs, fireplace wood, smoke and a good scotch inhabited by men of sophistication and elegance. Usually they are a mixture of synthetic smells of woods like mesquite, leather, and leaves.

Outdoors Fragrances
This group can be broken down into three smaller categories the herbal, the woodsy, and the green. The herbal scents combine common herbs like sage, rosemary, musk and others. The woodsy are those mainly made of scents like sandalwood and cedar mixed with lighter floral fragrances to create a forest smell. The greens rely on the smells associated with color such as grass, moss and spearmint. While the fragrances vary they call to mind an outdoorsman and adventurer.

Fruit Fragrances
Here we have two categories: citrus and non-citrus. Citrus includes fruits like lemon, bergamot, and mandarin oranges while non-citrus are apples, berries, figs, and even nutty scents like hazelnut. These colognes are known for being fresh and mood enhancing. They make one think of the man on the cover of a romance novel handsome and strong, but comforting.

Exotic Fragrances
These make us think of the mysterious, slightly dangerous stranger from a far off land. Many of these scents rely on mixtures of food and spice smells. They mix the common like vanilla, coffee and cinnamon with the more exotic such as clove, ginger and various peppers. Often they will add oriental floral fragrances such as orange blossom.

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