My Favorite Designer Perfumes (for Now)

¬†Perfume comes in thousands of different scent combinations — everything from sweet and fruity to soft and sexy. And although not all perfumes are designer, designer scents tend to be the most popular and the ones with the unique scents I’m drawn to. Designer cologne for men is also usually what my senses are attracted to.

Finding the right scent for you can take a lot of testing, spraying, sniffing and, well, time and experimenting.

I’ve done the leg work — or should I say, nose work? — and here are my favorite designer perfumes (for right now — and certainly subject to change depending on season and mood):

Burberry Touch
Burberry Touch is popular because its scent is versatile — not too strong yet not too sweet. It lasts me a long time and gives you this refreshing scent that everyone picks up on. This is a great casual wear scent.

Chanel Cristalle
Chanel is known for their fabulous perfumes, and this top selling one is a must have for a confident lady. It has a flowery and feminine smell to it, yet is very strong without being overpowering. This perfume is great for all time wear! Chanel also has great men’s cologne too.

DKNY Be Delicious Kisses by Donna Karan
This scent is perfect for all. It has a light and refreshing fruity smell that isn’t strong, yet still can be picked up on by all. It’s a great wear for every day, but can even work for night time.

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