Festive Fragrances

I’ve always really enjoyed those people who totally get into the holiday spirit. You know who I’m talking about: You’re coworker who decorates his cubicle as if it were a department store window every Christmas. You’re next door neighbor who basically turns her front yard into a haunted house every October. You’re little sister who changes up her locker design every month based on whatever pseudo-holiday that month may hold. These festive people are the best!

I’ve never been a super festive person myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays, all of them, including the pseudo ones like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day; but I never feel like being bothered with decorations or festive extras. I am however, always in awe of those of you who go the extra mile.

So I would like to offer up a suggestion to all of you holiday champs out there: why not go the extra mile and choose your fragrance based on the upcoming festivities? You’re already pleasing all the other senses—satisfying taste buds by baking holiday treats, engaging the eye with joyous decorations, spreading cheer with holiday tunes—you may as well add the olfactory

"discount fragrance"

senses to your checklist.

When you can find such a wide variety of great discount fragrances on Lily Direct, it really seems like a no-brainer to add perfumes and colognes to your holiday plan. There is a scent out there for every occasion. We would suggest Halloween Fever Perfume by Jesus Del Pozo or  for the upcoming haunted holiday.

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