What does your fragrance say about you?

Just like hairstyles, shoes, clothing and even nail polish colors; the scent of a favorite perfume or cologne says a lot about a person. Whether they are clean, light, spicy or warm scents; each one emulates the personality of the woman that is wearing it. Subconsciously, every woman is drawn to a certain scent and this becomes their signature scent. It might not always be the same brand of perfume or exact fragrance but the type of scent it is will fall into one of these four categories: floral, citrus, woodsy or oriental. By learning what each scent means, you can see exactly what it says about your personality and if it is the perfect one for you.

Floral Scents

Floral scents are timeless, romantic and very feminine. Woman who were floral scents are usual very sensitive and sweet, nurturing and caring. This subtle scent tends to be associated with elegance, class and tranquility; with an underlying hint of sexy yet innocent. Woman who wear colognes that feature predominate or prevailing flower such as Rose, Gardenia or Lilac; tend to be more traditional in thoughts and beliefs. These women usually are very sentimental and compassionate. Because of these qualities others tend to build an emotional bond with them very quickly.

Citrus Scents

Citrus cologne; whether its lemon, orange or a combination is always as fresh and light as the woman wearing it. Women who wear citrusy scents tend to be outgoing, bright and bring in a breath of fresh air every time they enter a room. This fun-loving personality can draw a crowd just by the vibrant energy they give off. No mountain is too high and no river is too for these women; their ready for anything and they believe in living life to the fullest.

Woody Scents

Woody cologne features all the scents that nature has to offer from exotic sandalwood to sensual musk. These women feel at peace in natural settings and tend to love the great outdoors. Their free-spirited nature gives them a no-holds-barred attitude and nothing they want is out of their reach. This self-assured personality feels just as comfortable sitting in front of a campfire as what they do at a fine restaurant.

Oriental Scents

An oriental perfume is rich and spicy yet warm and sensual. Fragrances can range from hints of incense and amber to robust spices and a hint of patchouli. These lingering scents are not for the shy woman, they are bold, sophisticated and captivating. This personality is in control and she knows it. This woman is sensual yet mysterious and fascinating yet mystical. When the playful and wild side comes out, these women can be a bit of a daredevil too.

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