Fragrances and the Thanksgiving Holiday

When it comes to holidays that are associated with certain fragrances, Thanksgivings Day tops them all. Thank about it. Scents wafting from the kitchen on that day of thanks include the sweet aroma of pumpkin pie and/or sweet potato, the earthy scents of cumin and cardamom and other seasonings associated with that big, succulent bird and the woodsy scent of chestnuts. This Thanksgiving, why not indulge in a bit of seasonal whimsy by pairing your fragrance with the scents of the upcoming holiday? Below are some fragrances that are perfect matches with the aromas that will pervade most homes in America this Thanksgiving and that are also evocative of bygone holiday seasons.

Fragrances Associated with Thanksgivings Day                        

Un Jardin Apres La Mousson by Hermes: This fragrance with is a blend of cinnamon, amber and incense, is a sweet and spicy unisex aroma that has subtle floral undertones in its cologne for men and women. Thanksgiving is the season of spices and Un Jardin Apres La Mousson pairs perfectly with the holiday.

Serge Lutens- Five O’clock au Gingembre: Evocative of spicy pastries, afternoon tea, and the snugness of the season, this perfume was launched back in 2008 and is also a unisex fragrance. Its main notes are of tea and bergamot; middle notes are ginger, cinnamon and woodsy notes and its base notes are cacao, honey, amber, patchouli and pepper.

DSH Perfumes Épices d’Hiver: The top notes of this 100% botanical fragrance are Davana, Pink Pepper, nutmeg. The middle notes are Stargazer Lily (accord), Jasmine, Benzoin. Finally the base notes are Patchouli & Botanical Ambergris.

Jo Malone Nutmeg & Ginger: These two aromas are inseparable from the pies and other sweets that are associated with Thanksgiving. In this case of Jo Malone’s Nutmeg and Ginger, however, the aroma that is produced is distinctive but not overwhelming. The notes included in this fragrance are Sandalwood and cedar wood accompanied by nutmeg and vibrant ginger.

How to pick a Thanksgiving Fragrance

When experimenting with fragrances that work well with Thanksgiving think of the aromas that will be wafting around the house. Chances are scents such as cinnamon, ginger and cardamom will be dominant. Think then of wearing a fragrance that are spicy and have as their primary notes these scents. Vanilla based fragrances also pair well with scents that permeate the home. Finally, you may even wish to go in the opposite direction and wear neutral scents that will not clash with strong Thanksgiving Day aromas. Lily Direct has a cornucopia of fragrances that blend well with all holidays. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year!

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