Free Shipping on All U.S Orders over $100

We offer free shipping on all U.S orders over $100! This is not a teen-age dream. It’s a reality of modern marketing that keeps more money in your pocket.

It’s a great way to try out those new perfume lines by celebs such as Rihanna and Katy Perry. You also get fantastic savings on the products you purchase because of the premium perfumes we feature. Once your total is more than $100 the shipping is completely free.

Cologne is one of the more popular gift selections for the holidays, and we provide customers with a wide array of choices. You can buy with confidence knowing that these are the types of presents that are going to be used and appreciated.

With many companies those cost savings seem to vanish the moment that the shipping and handling fees are added to the price. We are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, and this is one reason that we are including free shipping for US customers with orders that total more than $100. Why let this deal sail away before you check it out?


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