Great Perfume Houses Part 10

Here we go again perfume lovers! It’s time for the 10th installment of our bi-weekly presentation of the great perfume houses. We liked exploring the history of an American fashion house last week so much that we’ve decided to stay in the U.S. again this week.

Roy Halston Frowick was born on April 23, 1932 in Des Moines, Iowa. Halston’s mother was a seamstress and it was through her that he discovered his love of sewing early on in life. Halston began creating hats and altering clothes when he was just a boy.

Halston began his career in fashion as a milliner, and it was actually a hat that catapulted him to fame. He designed the pillbox hat that Jackie Kennedy wore to her husband’s presidential inauguration in 1961. The instant and immense popularity of Halston’s pillbox hat gave him the platform he needed to move on to designing women’sJackie-O wear.

Roy Halston dressed many celebrities throughout his career but he also became a celebrity in his own right. In his heyday, Halston ran with the biggest celebs and frequented the hottest hot spots of the time. Everyone wanted to wear him, be him and be around him. Halston himself embodied glamour and his elegant, timeless designs are still coveHalston and Lizated today.

The chic style that was Halston designs was translated into fragrance form in 1975 when Max Factor released Halston Perfume by Halston. The idea behind Halston’s fragrances mimicked that of his designs—his scents were just as easy to wear and equally as stylish. Since the release of his first fragrance, scents such as Halston Z-14 Cologne by Halston have continued to be coveted by fragrance lovers and fashionistas alike.

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