Great Perfume Houses Part 13

Welcome back perfume lovers! It’s about that time again. For the 13th installment of our bi-weekly look into the great perfume house"discount fragrances"s from around the world we are going to take a little trip back to the late 1970’s to see how it all started for international fashion house—ESCADA

Escada was founded in 1978 by "Escada" in Munich, Germany. The Escada line was created to make elite haute couture more accessible; the idea was to offer top quality in fabrics, fit and workmanship at affordable prices.

Margaretha Ley wanted Escada to make a bold yet feminine statement. The imaginative design, sophisticated style and bright spirit behind the Escada collections, lined-up perfectly with the extroverted characteristics that defined the 1980s.

The first Escada fragrance, named after founder and designer Margaretha Ley, was released in 1990. The sensual, feminine perfume was introduced in a unique heart shaped bottle. The 1990s saw a boom in Escada fragrances, which were notable for their bright packaging and unusual bottle shapes.

Escada is often credited with helping establish the fruity-floral scent as a new fragrance category. They are also said to have pioneered the concept of seasonal limited edition fragrances. Escada’s summer fragrance lines have become some of the most successful fragrance lines in the perfume industry.

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