Great Perfume Houses Part 14

Here we go again perfume lovers. For the 14th installment of our bi-weekly exploration of great perfume houses from a"calvin klein"round the world, we’re taking a trip back to the United States to look at how Calvin Klein became one of the biggest names in fashion…

Calvin Klein founded his American fashion line in 1968. The Calvin Klein brand is best known for its clean and classic style. The brand is also known as a pioneer in designer jeans; Klein was the first designer to add his name to the back pocket of his jeans.

Although Calvin Klein’s designs have been on the forefront of the wholesome, all-American look since inception, the brand’s print and media ads have been known to cause some controversy. In 1979, for example, there was uproar when a very young Brooke Shields became the face of Klein’s jeans campaign under the slogan, “You know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”

The company’s first fragrance, a men’s cologne named “Calvin,” was introduced in 1981. The mixture of lavender, amber and wood was thought to create the perfect masculine scent.  The next scent was released in 1985—it was a perfume for women named Obsession by Calvin Klein, which was followed by a Men’s variation of Obsession in 1986. Klein has since released many notable fragrances, but one of the most notable was the unisex fragrance, CK One by Calvin Klein.

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