Great Perfume Houses Part 17

Great Perfume Houses Part 17

It’s about that time again fragrance lovers—time for another bi-weekly installment of our exploration into the great perfume houses from around the world. Some of the names we’ve explored so far are classic perfume houses with long rich histories; others have been newer names to the industry; and other still have been real trail blazers. Well, this week’s name lands in the category of trail blazer. So sit back, relax and join us for a brief look into the story behind Elizabeth Arden"lily direct"

Florence Nightingale Graham was born in 1878 in Canada. In the early 1900s it was still rare for women to wear make-up or pamper themselves, and it was even rarer for a woman to run her own business. But Graham had a vision; in 1910, now going by Elizabeth Arden professionally, she opened her first beauty spa on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and began to build one of the world’s first global beauty brands.

Elizabeth Arden was a true innovator in the field of women’s cosmetics. Her company introduced North America to the concept of eye makeup for the everyday woman and pioneered the beloved “makeover” in the Elizabeth Arden beauty salons. Arden was also the first to introduce travel-size beauty products. Her incredible contribution to the cosmetic industry was—and continues to be today—recognized globally. Elizabeth herself ran the company until her death in 1966.

Her first fragrance, Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden, was released in 1934. While the company continues to produce cosmetics and skincare products, somewhere along the line they shifted their focus to fragrances. Some of our personal favorite Elizabeth Arden scents here at Lily Direct are 5th Avenue Night Perfume and Mediterranean Perfume.


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