Great Perfume Houses Part 21

In part 21 of this series we travel to lovely Italy and the majestic House of Fendi.

The House of Fendi’s rich cultural history dates back to 1925 in the heart of Rome. Fendi was first established by Edoardo and Adele Fendi in early 1925 in Via del Plebiscito, Rome. It was here that the couple created the city’s very first handbag and fur workshop. Nearly immediately the name “Fendi” became synonymous with “quality.” The Fendi’s always focused on high quality materials and extreme precision to create some of the most astonishing pieces the country had seen at this time.

The Fendi’s went on to grow their family and had five young girls. As the girls began to grow they joined in the family business and introduced a more feminine perspective than the company had seen thus far. The girls greatly admired a French designer by the name of Karl Lagerfeld. Mr. Lagerfeld went on to become a large influence on the company and even designed what you know today as the Fendi logo! This logo wasn’t established until 1960 and is often referred to as the “two f’s.”

It wasn’t until 1990 that Fendi began to play with adding a men’s collection. Up until this point they focused more youthful styles that menswear was not a priority. While maintaining the quality they have always been known for Fendi successfully added a men’s line that still exists today. Now, you can find Fendi in over 160 stores in over 25 countries worldwide! You can often find stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz sporting Fendi quite regularly.

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