Great Perfume Houses Part 7

Welcome back perfume lovers! The 7th installment of our bi-weekly presentation of the great perfume houses from around the world is taking us back to Paris. Today we’re going to take a look back at the fascinating history of the Jean Patou Couture Fashion House…

This elite fashion house, named after its founder, was opened in Paris in 1914; but Jean Patou’s career was interrupted by World War I shortly after opening his first salon. Patou served five years as a captain in the army. In 1919 he returned from the war and got right back to his career as a couturier.

With Patou at the helm of his fashion house once again it wasn’t long before fashion-lovers around the globe started singing his praises. His modernist style was innovative while staying simple and elegant at the same time. Patou was regarded as a well-respected visionary in the fashion industry, and for good reason. His love of fabrics and attention to detail made him a truly unique couturier.

In 1925 Jean Patou was among the first couturiers to include perfumes as a part of his collections. But it wasn’t until 1930 that Patou became a fragrance legend. Following the Great Depression of 1929 the Jean Patou Couture Fashion House was experiencing the same struggles to keep its doors open as all the other high-end fashion houses of the time. So Patou decided to send his many regular international clients a gift of appreciation. He asked perfumer, Henri Almeras to create a strong yet simple scent, no matter what the cost; this lead to the creation of Joy which was deemed “the costliest perfume in the world.” This impressive move saved the fashion house during this difficult financial time and it was Jean Patou perfumes that kept the company afloat.

In 1972, 36 years after the death of founder Jean Patou, 1000 became the next legendary scent created by the elite fashion house, replacing Joy as the world’s costliest perfume. It was first introduced as a true haute couture fragrance; made to order upon request. All of Patou’s elegant fragrances are loved to this day, but Joy still remains one of the most popular scents in the world. And it should be noted that while it is most popular for its women’s fragrances and fashions, the Jean Patou Couture Fashion House does offer men’s fragrances such as Voyageur Cologne for Men as well.

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