Legendary Perfume Houses of Europe

Knowing the history behind particular perfumes enhances the experience of wearing certain fragrances for perfume aficionados. And as anyone who truly appreciates perfume knows, many of the most popular brands are linked to venerated families whose lives were devoted to the craft of producing the fragrances that are household names all over the world. Knowing this history helps build an appreciation for the dedication and devotion that is involved in what is really an art form. This is why we know our readers will appreciate a look at some of the venerated perfume houses of Europe.

    • Chanel: The Chanel brand was created in 1921 by perfumer, Ernest Beaux for Gabrielle Chanel and has become the greatest selling perfume of all time. Its No. 5 is iconic and is rumored to be what actress Marilyn Monroe wore. In fact, Monroe is known for once saying, “What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.”
  • Coty: Coty was created by Corsican born Francois Coty who later moved to Paris in 1900 and released his first perfume in 1904. Cody was a pioneer in the use of designer bottles.
  • Galimard: One of the oldest and most august perfume houses of France is Galimard. This historic perfumery was started back in 1747 by Jean de Galimard who supplied his perfume to the court of Louis XV. The House of Galimard uses Grasses flowers in formulating its fragrances just as it has done for 250 years.
  • Penhaligon’s: A British perfume house, Penhaligon’s was founded in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon who became a perfumer to Queen Victoria. Penhaligon’s has stores all over England including Covent Garden, the Burlington Arcade, Regent Street, Mayfair, Kings Road, Islington and the Royal Exchange. It also has shops in Paris, New York City, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • Floris:  Founded in 1720, this house is one of London’s best known perfume houses. So popular is Floris in London that it is a necessary stop for any true aficionado of fine fragrances.
  • Houbigant: Founded in 1775 by Jean Francois Houbigant, this house had among its clientele Marie Antoinette and Queen Victoria.
  • Molinard: Founded in 1849 by Jeune Molinard, this house began as a small boutique in Grasse. Today the perfumery is run by descendants of Molinard.

These are just a few of the great perfume houses of Europe. They have endured where others have not due to their dedication to crafting the perfect scent through trial and error. They have created a following among the public and continue to grow their base. Many of the houses also make terrific tourist spots for those perfume enthusiasts who are determined to know more about the origin of these houses. Or, in the alternative, the fragrances from these houses are also available here at Lily’s Direct.

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