Men, Cologne & Grooming Habits

Men need to take care of themselves to look handsome and well kempt. Beauty tips are very important and men must take them seriously. A man has to use cologne to smell well. If you dont use cologne you will have bad odor. You have take a bath at least twice a day, have a shave everyday, have a change of clothes daily. You have to take care of your hair also. Take care of your socks and shoes too. Apply roll-ons everyday.

In fact, some men are very dirty. They dont even know that they can buy men’s cologne from the store and take care of themselves. Men’s fragrances are found everywhere and are very cheap. Imagine that you leave your house in the morning without wearing men’s cologne after about you sweat it will be terrible. You are going to have body odor. I advise all men including boys to learn how to use men’s fragrances all the time. When I just met my husband he was not using cologne. It took me sometime to encourage him to use men’s cologne and when he started he was very pleased and appreciate me. He also advised his friends to use men’s fragrances all the time to keep them fresh all day long.

My boy of thirteen also forgets to wear his roll-ons or perfume because he is very playful and forgets most of the time. I make it a point to remind him everyday.

Men must take their well being very important. It gives them more marks when they stand infront of a lady. Imagine you want to talk to a lady and you dont have confidence in yourself because of body odor. That will be terrible. Please men take your time and take good care of yourself. It pays off.

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