Offer a Gift of Perfume: Fragrance Buying Guide for the Holidays (part 1)

As the most magical time of the year is really close and everyone is thinking about making gifts, we will use the upcoming blogs on LilyDirect to put together a comprehensive perfume buying guide for you.

Why do we generally offer perfume as a gift to other people? Because fragrances are strongly tied to emotion and memory, because giving someone the gift of perfume is rather intimate and practical at the same time. No matter what scent the recipient will love, one perfume will always match their preferences.

Below are a few of the most important reasons why a perfume, cologne or fragrance set constitute a perfect gift for the holiday season:

1)      A compact, easy to wrap gift

Easy to buy, easy to wrap and rather light, this is one of the most precious gifts you can give someone you love. Such a lightweight present is also easy to ship and it will overall be an affordable thing to send as a Christmas gift.

2)      Affordable for all budgets

Scented gifts come in many shapes and forms, as fragrances come in various concentrations. If you are on a tight budget, there will always be colognes or other less expensive solutions to acquire for an affordable price. If you can afford a more expensive gift, your choices are virtually limitless, as well. If you are feeling adventurous, independent perfume designers or brand new scents can be less expensive than established fragrances, so you can go for that.

3)      Perfume gifts are luxurious

Many people do not consider perfume an everyday purchase, so when someone takes the time to offer them such a special gift, they will really appreciate it. Perfume speaks about pampering, about relaxation and luxury, so it will increase self-confidence and lift the spirits of everyone who received such a gift.

4)      A perfume gift is suitable for any kind of person

Everyone likes to feel pampered and a fragrant gift will undoubtedly make every recipient happy, no matter if the scent is their favorite or not. Also, you can offer such a gift to a wide range of people: a gift of perfume can be romantic- offered to your better half, it can be a sign of respect and love- when offered to a close relative or a close friend, it also can be a sign of good taste and admiration when gifted to a person you are in a business relation with. So you can virtually never go wrong with buying a perfume gift.

Overall, perfume is a lavish and personal gift that any effort made to find the perfect perfume will be greatly appreciated and cherished. Start looking for a perfect gift of perfume for all the loved ones in your life now, by checking our latest discount scents and special offers on LilyDirect.

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