Perfume Buying Education: Types of Fragrances Classified & Best Known Scents

There are no two women alike and their personality type fundamentally determines the kind of perfume products they choose. On the other hand, every woman will have a different olfactory sensitivity, which serves as the main selection factor in the search for the most appropriate fragrance.

If you have been struggling with your perfume choices, maybe it is time you learned more about the types of perfumes and the classes of fragrances available. Next time, your choice will be easier.

Essential oil/ Perfume concentrate
Types of perfumes

This is plant or flower based and it comes in the form of a hydrophobic liquid which contains aroma compounds. The actual concentration of fragrance can get to 40% hence the high price of this oily product, normally sound in small bottles. The advantage of using this is that you will get the same irresistible fragrance last longer on your skin, even for 48 hours.

  • Eau de parfum

Many women don’t realize this is quite a different thing from the eau de cologne or the perfume essence. The concentration of pure fragrance in this form is between 7 and 15%. Most of the perfumes sold online or in general stores fall under this category and their prices can range from cheaper to expensive depending on the designer brand, concentration and other factors. A well-balances eau de parfum applied on your skin can last up to 24 hours.

  • Eau de toilette/ eau de cologne

This is a lighter, much cheaper fragrance that is not very lasting and is generally used by people who cannot stand a more concentrated fragrance on their skin. The fragrance in eau de toilette is never higher than 6% and the price generally reflects that.

Classes of fragrances

  • Floral: this is the most common and popular type and it is usually extracted out of roses, orange blossoms, jasmine, gardenia or carnations. Sometimes, a bouquet-style of mix will be found in some perfumed.
  • Some of the most popular perfumes that use floral fragrances include Happy to Be by Clinique or Flower by Kenzo.
  • Oriental: these include a heavier mix of spices and Oriental aromas, generally including amber and various balsams. These are more exotic fragrances used in luxurious perfumes such as Euphoria by Calvin Klein or Violet Angel by Thierry Mugler.
  • Citrus includes lime, lemon, mandarin and tangerine in an acidic, tangy combination. You will find it in several light and dynamic perfumes such as Be Delicious by Donna Karan or Eau de Cartier.

Other classes of fragrances include:

  • Chypre, which included oak moss, patchouli and bergamot like in Cashmere by Donna KaRAN
  • Green/ Fougere, containing hints of leaves and herbs, like in Safari by Ralph Lauren

By understanding the difference between the types and classes of fragrances, you will be able to make a better choice next time you go buying a perfume that should fit your style and personality.

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