Perfume & Fashion Mix and Match: What Do You Wear with Your Favorite Outfit?

We have already established this: you love perfumes and would do anything to stay trendy. You love to smell very good, and you are also very fashion conscious so matching your clothes with your perfume is one of your priorities. But how do you go about this? Is your fashion style only matching a certain type of perfume? What do you wear for an elegant evening and what do you wear on the job? Do you leave perfume out when you go jogging? Below you can find a few suggestions.

  • Are you the type who wears feminine prints and edgy pieces? You will adore matching your style with See by Chloe. A strong feminine perfume encompasses the fruity notes of your youthful appearance with floral hints of jasmine and bergamot, add a bit of musk and ylang ylang and you have the essence of feminity.
  • Are you in love with colors? If your fashion sense tells you more colors the merriest, you can definitely go for a vibrant Prada perfume. A joyful combination of lemon, caramel and mandarin, any Prada creation will fit, but especially Candy.
  • If you love to wear bright colors like yellow, orange, red nuances, and you have recently started wearing matching lipstick colors as well, you can always match this with a great unisex perfume like L’eau de Cartier. Strong and vibrant, this is a perfume that will definitely attract attention while speaking volumes about who you are: a powerful, motivated and easy going lady.
  • If you are into leather, and you could not go out of the house without a pair of leather pants or your cross body bag, you can choose one of the Lancome creations. Miracle Sheer Eau Legere is one very good mix for your style.
  • Are you a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl? Something mildly floral with woody notes is a go in your case. You can try the Floris Lily of the Valley fragrance for a new breath of scented air.
  • If you like practical clothes but always feel the need to add something a bit more feminine to your overall attire, you are definitely a Marc Jacobs kind of girl. Why not add a touch of Oh Lola to your new pair of rompers and sandals?
  • On the other hand, if elegance is your middle name, go for a sophisticated perfume- something that included neroli, gardenia and patchouli to the mix. Nothing will match your new pearls pair better than a  Dolce & Gabbana creation.
  • If you are into lace, definitely go for a Valentino elegant scent, like Valentina.

And remember, whatever you choose to wear with your favorite outfit, it has to be the best quality available.


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