Perfume Reformulations: A Few Things You Need to Know

In our last week post we were discussing the new perfume regulations that could mean the end of classic perfumes like the legendary Chanel no. 5. We will investigate perfume changes further this week, by looking at the concept of reformulation.

One of the most definite ways to antagonize perfume lovers across the world is to take their favorite scent and to change it. When such reformulations happen, there are usually a few reasons behind the change in perfume design.

  1. Perfume houses need to change ingredients to follow regulations. Every once in a while, the international regulatory bodies will ban or restrict the use of certain ingredients in the  mass perfume industry. These are generally decisions that are backed by scientific research which list some substances as a threat to public health. In order to keep selling these perfumes throughout the world, fragrance companies must comply or they can choose to discontinue that line of perfume altogether. As none of the above seems right, it makes more sense for the perfume houses to start reformulating their perfumes.
  2. Some cost savings are also involved. In a very competitive market, perfume houses must also consider their profit margin. The first step would be to cut production costs and thus, some of the products are replaced with cheaper synthetic aromas.
  3. To boost sales and remain relevant on the market. This brings about what many perfume companies call perfume modernization. This is also very true for quite classic fragrances that were created decades ago. A perfume like Fahrenheit from Dior was released 34 years ago and, in an attempt to meet international regulations and match recent tastes, it was reformulated recently.

What to do if your perfume was reformulated

If you are one of those people who cling onto things they love for decades, and you find that your favorite perfume doesn’t smell just as it used to, the reason is it was probably reformulated.

Looking for vintage editions and stacking up on them is not a solution, as it also can be very costly. Looking for replacements is also not a good idea, as it will trigger more frustration.

-          You can identify what you loved most about your favorite perfume and start searching for a perfume that shares some of the similar qualities.

-          Maybe it is time to find yourself a new favorite and look for a perfume that is totally different from what you usually wear. For instance, if your signature scent was a musky one, go for something lighter, fruity, for example. You will make more discoveries and you will reinvent yourself in the process.

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