Perfume Wearing Do’s and Don’ts: How to Extend the Life Of Your Favorite Fragrance Bottle

We know how much you love your expensive designer’s perfume. The feeling it gives you when you wear it cannot be compared to anything. So, how do you protect such a great investment? By learning a few simple do’s and don’ts of perfume storage. Read below to find out which are the best ways to keep your perfume bottles.

General consideration: Keep in mind the oils and alcohols in perfume can easily break down, causing the perfume’s scent to change or disappear. It is always best to go for smaller bottles of perfume, instead of larger, as the large ones may diminish the overall effects and shorten the life of the product.

Keep Perfume Bottles Away From Direct Light

As tempting as it may be to display your bottled perfume out in the open, keep in mind that sunlight will quickly degrade the quality of perfume. As a general rule, the darker the location, the better a perfume will keep.

Keep Your Fragrance Bottles Away from Heat and Light

Heat, like light, will break down the chemical bonds that give a perfume its scent. Direct heat is not only terrible for perfume, but it can melt plastic bottles, and even lower heat over the long term will break down perfume. It is crucial to keep the bottles away from any heat vents or radiators.

  • As a rule, it is best to try and store your perfume bottles at a consistent temperature.  Do not keep your bottles in the refrigerator, a cool environment is best, but anything that is significantly colder than room temperature will put stress on the perfume.
  • Humidity is another factor that will influence your perfume life. So no keeping your scents in the bathroom unless you have a cabinet or corner of the space that is safe from steam. But generally it is best to find a space in a dry room, like the bedroom, to store perfume and other cosmetic products.

Try Not to Open and Close Excessively

Some manufacturers use designs for bottles that cannot be opened at all and can only be sprayed. Use the atomizer spray for a perfume as much as possible, to avoid opening and closing the bottle a lot and exposing the perfume inside to more environmental dangers.

 Other important rules:

  • Perfume bottles should not be shaken
  • Do not store your perfume on high shelves
  • Use a travel container when you go away on vacation

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