Perfume Wearing Tips for a Hot Summer

Summer is here and most of us are already preparing for a long, luxurious holiday. No matter where you are heading this summer, keep in mind that wearing perfume is an art you need to master, to the delight of everyone around you.

Here are a few thoughts on wearing a summer fragrance.

Do you ditch your old perfume? There are no rules that say you must do this, while the weather is hot, but why not switch to a scent that’s bright and vibrant, something that matches the weather and your overall mood?

Try a perfume variation. Check to see if the perfume you prefer to wear has a lighter, L’eau  de cologne version version. These are often less concentrated than the original, and perfumers enhance the fresher top notes and soften the heavier e last notes of the scent to develop. If you love Marc Jacobs, for instance, Oh Lola is a very good choice.

A few applying tips

-          First, find a body wash that you love. Look for qualities in that cosmetic product, that you’d look for normally- good refreshing small, hydrating qualities. What notes do you love most: flowery, baby powder, freshly cut grass?

-          Pick up one of the favorite notes in the wash and find a body lotion that will highlight that note. If you need something to touch up your scent after a day’s choose a solid perfume, which tends to be a little less overwhelming on the scent scale.

Other summer perfume wearing tips

Go for your favorite taste perfume.  Many of the lighter foods you like to eat in summer translate into gorgeous fragrances. That means anything citrus, all kinds of berries, tropical fruits, mint, and rosemary. The same goes for spicy scents. Instead of heady cumin and cinnamon, look for zestier ones, like cardamom, ginger, and pink peppercorn.

Choose white flower scents. These, often called soft florals won’t load up your scent. They are quite appropriate for summer wear: honey suckle, freesia, magnolia are notes that should be in every summer perfume.

Try and keep a lighter, positive attitude. While it may sound funny, this is actually quite true- if you stress out and get agitated, your fragrance molecules will evaporate quicker from your skin. Your perfume will smell stronger when it’s warm, if you are too agitated and stressed.

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