The Scent of Red, White and Blue

Our exploration of the great perfume houses around the world has taken you around Europe, but the upcoming weekend is all about America so let’s discusses how to honor the good old USofA in scent. Seems like a strange concept, right? How does one go about honoring America in an olfactory way? Well here at Lily Direct we’ve come up with a couple of options…

The most obvious way to waft a big “Happy 4th of July” through the air is to wear a fragrance made in America. Nothing says let’s celebrate the USA like donning your red, white and blue, drinking your Budweiser and wearing a fragrance from your favorite American perfume house while you lounge around your pool and BBQ with your closest friends and family. In need of some inspiration? Try scents from perfumeries such as Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis or Donna Karan.

If you are a man who wants reek of patriotism, we’ve got a more specific idea for you. Choose a cologne that comes in red, white and blue packaging. One such fragrance is Lacoste Live Cologne for Men by Lacoste. The only problem with this red, white and blue scent is that Lacoste is a French perfume house. So for you proud American men out there the ultimate in patriotic scents has to be Polo Sport Cologne for Men by Ralph Lauren. Not only is Ralph Lauren an American perfumery, but the red, white and blue bottle AND box don a RL variation on the American Flag. We’re pretty sure this is what Captain America smells like.

So grab your most American scent and have a safe and wonderful 4th of July everyone!

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