Perfumes of the World: Armani Scents for Elegant Men and Women

When hearing the name “Armani” one immediately thinks of style, sophistication, elegance, a way of life, in other words. One of the most famous fashion houses in the world could not stay away from designing successful, fascinating scents. For both men and women, the Armani perfumes have remained all-time favorites.

The beginnings

The fashion design company was created in 1975 by a Milan native, Giorgio Armani, who started as a window dresser and soon established himself as a reputable designer. The brand grow exponentially in just a few years and it soon became a beacon of simplicity, elegance and sophistication both in clothing, jewelry and accessories and also in cosmetics.

The perfumes

The first perfume the house created, Giorgio for men, was not actually branded. The first hit under the name Armani was an intense cyphre fragrance for women (who is no longer sold today).

Soon, the first exquisite perfume for men was launched, entitled Eau pour Homme  (1984) and featuring several strong and sensual notes that have made this composition a must-have for every sophisticated and fashionable man.

Following a successful line of woody, cyphre perfumes, the house of Armani launched the first floral perfume in the beginning of the 1990’s. The two uniquely popular names, Gio and Acqua di Gio have been created as proud companions of Giorgio Armani’s fashionable and evergreen unstructured jackets.

These feminine fragrances were followed by Aqua di Gio pour Homme, a marine scent that reminds every one of the ocean and the beach and great romantic holidays spent on the seaside.

In a revolutionary move, the house launched the first duo perfume, named He and She. These were actually the first perfumes to be released under the Emporio Armani brand, marking the beginning of a new perfume trend. Continuing on this sex confusion path, the Armani Mania perfume was launched in the 1nd of the 1990’s, and although this was pretty popular with modern women, the perfume was soon discontinued due to its confusing appearance- a black bottle with black lid which made many clients mistake it for a masculine fragrance.

New perfumes

But nothing could stop Armani perfumes from growing, and just two years later the immense success of White She and White He was recorded. Although initially meant as a limited summer edition, the perfume is still available on the counters today. The series was continued with a few less successful names, Night for Him and Night for Her (both are no longer found in shops), as well as City Glam and Remix.

The last decade has seen Armani perfumes blossom and many popular names were launched, which made their way to become instant classic: Armani Mania, with men and women variants, Black Code, Attitude for Men, Armani Code for Women and Diamonds are all unique formulas that both men and women throughout the world love to wear.