Buy Perfume Tips: How to Pick a New Fragrance

Do you have a signature perfume? If you have been wearing a certain fragrance for years, you are probably one of those perfume lovers that are conservative in their tastes. Maybe it is time to consider buying something new, something fresh and more exciting, helping you to reinvent yourself. Taste changes in time, and, especially in the case of women, this is true with age, as well. So, going shopping for a new perfume of choice may not be such a bad idea, after all. But where do you start? Do you buy something as similar as possible to the old scent? Or do you go for something new entirely, something completely different and based on different notes?

Below are a few easy tips for buying a new fragrance.

  • The hardest part involved in picking a fragrance is sorting through the perfume counter and finding something that will suit your taste. Sometimes, smelling everything will make it more complicated as your olfactory senses will only get confused. So, trying just a few scents at once is a better idea. You can make this a shopping episode that will go along several days. The trick is not to rely on your first choice and buy the first perfume you like the scent of. This may turn out to be a mistake later.
  • Apply scent to your skin as this is the most vital part in testing several fragrances. Don’t rely on those pieces of paper they are inviting you to use in the shop as they never give you the truth of how a perfume will smell on your own skin.
  • We already know that fragrances tend to smell differently on different types of skin. So, the wisest thing would be to apply two perfumes that you want to test, one on your left and the other on your right wrist. Generally apply on pulse points and make sure you don’t apply more fragrances near or on the same spot, as they will mix and will not give you the true scent.
  • Immediately after you have tested two perfumes, leave the perfume shop and go do something for a few minutes. All you need is 15 minutes in fact, to offer the new fragrance time to interact with your body chemistry and get to maturity. Only then will you be able to smell the truth about that perfume and only then will you know if you really like that scent.

Essential tip for buying online

When you buy perfume online from a reliable distributor like LilyDirect you won’t be able to choose perfume by smelling more perfumes. However, the choice can be made easier for you if you research a similar or same family fragrance from the one you used to wear. This will never fail as a method of buying your fragrance online. If you love floral, you will undoubtedly go for a similar floral fragrance and a good, informative site will have all that information available to you, before you buy.