Calvin Klein Perfumes- Reinventing Sophistication

It is impossible to speak about Calvin Klein perfumes without looking closely into what this legendary name means to the fashion industry. What are the first things that come to mind when you hear the name? From men and women’s sportswear to designer jeans and unique men’s fragrances. The entire world was taken by surprise by his revolutionary products. As a young man growing up in 1940’s Brooklyn, Klein was animated by pure fashion genius. His totally new concept was designer jeans at an affordable price, and this was one of the things that made the brand so incredibly popular.

A pioneer of designer jeans, underwear and the unique all-American look, Calvin Klein is nowadays one of the fashion world’s biggest names – and brands. He was the creator who put the “sexy” in men’s underwear design and advertising. Thus, a category that had been simply ignored before was created like a desirable market segment.

When the entire world thought the name Calving Klein could only be synonymous with a practical fashion design style and sexy clothes, the brand took everyone by surprise and launched the perfume lines. Some of the most legendary world fragrances have been created. Today, this incredibly sophisticated “oeuvre” of perfumes contains a few names that continue to redefine fragrance-making. Calvin Klein was the first designer ever to introduce us to unisex scents. Here are a few of the best known and cherished.

CK One is a naturally pure, exceptionally contemporary fragrance that brings out a refreshingly new point of view. This is a laid back, lavish perfume that you can use and splash all over your body. It speaks of intimacy and sexiness, this is scent you have to be very near to someone’s skin to actually feel all the notes.

Encounter is another perfume that has redefined modern masculinity. Just like a complex man, who is strong, mysterious and confident, this perfume unfolds on several layers and blooms in a bouquet of unforgettable woody fragrances that totally speak about how it feels to be unapologetically masculine.

One of the recent creations, Downtown is extremely sophisticated and feminine, but also carries that unisex trait to it, a thing which sets it apart. This is a perfume for a women with an attitude: it opens with bergamot and delicate notes of neroli, then unfolds in fresh green pair and watery plum . The base notes are incredibly sensual and have vetiver and cedarwood at the heart. Overall, this feels like a statement of confidence, the perfect gift for today’s active woman.