4 Top Rated Celebrity Perfumes You Should Try at Least Once

We know them like we do our own family: we have seen them shine or sell, they are our beloved celebrities that bring a bit of spice and excitements to our lives. Some of these aren’t just happy with creating a no.1 hit or a hit movie, they are doing anything to bottle their star status into a signature perfume. We have all been tempted to buy at least one such creation from one of our favorite stars. Many times, we have been disappointed with the creation. Below are a listed a few of the top rated perfumes created by celebrities.

1)      Heat by Beyonce

If you are into fruity musk perfumes, this is one of the best choices for you. Perfectly capturing the sensual spirit of its celebrity, Heat is actually one of the best rated celeb fragrances that incorporate floral with spices. It contains notes of red vanilla orchid, neroli, honeysuckle nectar and blush peach, but also leaves room for some sweeter notes of almond macaroon and amber.

Many will not handle the sweet peach opening note, but for those in love with sweeter perfumes, this is actually a dream fragrance.

2)      Signature by Celine Dion

This is another sweet fragrance that opens strong with flowery notes and leaves room for softer sandalwood or amberwood notes. This very sophisticated perfume opens with sweet and fresh notes, somehow fruity due to the apple, citrus and guava combination. The mimosa blossom is a secondary note that is actually at the heart of this perfume creation. For those also looking for rose notes in it, don’t expect too much, as the rosy notes are a bit too subtle. This is a perfect perfume for 30- something women who like to feel cheerful and fresh all day long.

3)      White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Mrs. Taylor was one of the first celebrities to launch her own signature perfume. This is most appropriate for classy elegant 40- 50 year old ladies, less appropriate for young women. This classic fragrance contains notes of tuberose, narcise, jasmine, neroli and unfolds in a symphony of woody notes of sandalwood and oakmoss.

4)      Just Me by Paris Hilton

This is considered by many as one of the best smelling celebrity perfumes recently launched. More appropriate for 20 something ladies, this is a sweet fruity creation with a musk base and several fruity notes, from peach nectar to frozen apple. The secondary base notes are actually the ones giving it originality: it includes freesia and ylang-ylang.