Great Perfume Houses- Penhaligon’s

What is the measure of a great company?  It is longevity?  Is it the popularity it enjoys with the public?  Is it the dedication that company has to innovation?  It is the respect it has garnered from its peers?  Penhaligon’s – which was established in 1870 by William Penhaligon as a hairdressing salon and later evolved into a fragrance house – claims all four achievements.  Penhaligon grew his business the old fashioned way – by making and using only the best ingredients for the perfumes which were originally inspired by the aromas wafting from the London’s Turkish baths.  These elemental fragrances would later be refined and developed from his original shop on Jermym Street in London and at a second shop at 33 James Street.  Eventually Penhaligon’s opened a shop in 1975 in Convent Garden with the help of Italian film director Franco Zeffirelli.  His original fragrance formulas would live on and be recognized for the truly unique and distinctive mixes that makes them bestsellers to this day.  This is especially true of his Bluebell fragrance.

Today the company has continued to evolve diversifying into the field of fragrance including bath and body products, gentlemen’s grooming items, candles and gifts such as hand creams, lip balms and even an elegant oval scent bottle necklace.  Penhaligon’s scents are so well respected and so known by its users to be made from the finest ingredients like jasmine and hand-squeezed bergamot that it has long been used by the British royal family itself.  Penhaligon’s users know that they will experience a product that is based around old school formulas but one that is also made using the latest fragrance technology.  Its most notable products include:

  • Hammam Bouquet – 1872; the company’s first scent
  • Blenheim Bouquet – 1902; the company’s first bespoke fragrance for the Duke of Malborough at Blenheim Palace
  • Elizabethan Rose – 1984
  • Cornubia – 1991
  • LP No.9 for ladies – 1998
  • Artemisia – 2002; which was nominated for a FiFi Fragrance Foundation award in the Nouveau Niche category in 2002.
  • Bayolea – 2014; A modernized version of a bay rum tonic from Penhaligon’s archives

At Lily Direct we carry many of the products that are a result of this innovation and dedication to quality and that has made Penhaligon’s so well respected by its peers and well receive by its users.  These products include Penhaligon’s Sartorial Cologne for Men, its Bluebell Perfume for Women, its Blenheim Bouquet Cologne for Men and many other quality fragrances.  We invite you to see why the name Penhaligon has lasted for more than 145 years.

Some Tips for Men on Layering Fragrances

It’s one of the trickiest grooming habits to pull of successfully and one that is not made easy by the thousands of colognes, body washes, scented deodorants and aftershaves that are available on the market.  The grooming habit being referred to here is matching the right combination of fragrances together in just the right manner.  This grooming ritual is also referred to by many as “layering.”  Men in particular should be carefully when they layer fragrances so as to not create a heavy scent that is off-putting.  Layering in an incorrect way also has the effect of shortening the duration of the scent one has achieved.  Below are some tips for men on smart layering that will produce the effect of creating a long-lasting, distinct scent that will last all day long and into the night.

  • Simple is best:  Try mixing one or two-note fragrances together.  Vanilla, amber, or coconut-based scents go together well in particular.
  • Consider scent duration:  Different cosmetic products have different levels of intensity and duration.  For example, shower gel generally last for only seconds.  Cologne lasts longer than aftershave and of course under arm deodorant lasts all day.  Try using a neutral aftershave and deodorant and then pair it with more assertive colognes.
  • Go unscented:  If you believe your overall layering may become too overpowering try using unscented deodorant.  They have become increasingly popular and are very easy to find.
  • Don’t spray your clothes:  Mist your pulse points but don’t ruin your clothes.  Doing so risks creates an overbearing scent.
  • Use similar scents:  Don’t blend scents that are too diverse.  For example, if you are using one product with citrusy notes trying pairing it with a product with a similar base.
  • Know the difference between cologne and deodorant:  Deodorant is less assertive than cologne.  Generally, it is designed to keep you from having an unpleasant scent and keeps you from sweating.  Cologne is designed to make you smell better than deodorant would alone.  Don’t confuse the two and never, use one in place of the other.

Finally, following these tips should make layering a less confusing and tedious job.  It should also help make you and your aroma stand out in a positive way.  Men can be as capable and knowledgeable about this area of personal grooming as women and can make their colognes, aftershaves, etc., last the entire day.  The next time you apply these personal products remember it is more about doing so in the right combination as it is about the scent of any particular fragrance.


Scents to Wear While Camping

Summer has finally arrived and many of the more intrepid among us are heading out onto the campgrounds to commune with nature and enjoy the company of our friends and family.  Before doing so we carefully pack and plan our trips in order to get the maximum experience from our long awaited vacation in the wild.  We pack the usual supplies such as a tents, sleeping bags, canteens, cooking equipment etc.  However, as we pack our various camping accoutrements we should also take special care in which toiletries and personal items such as soaps, lotions, toothpaste, deodorants, colognes and perfumes, etc.  This is because we are no longer in our homes when we are camping.  We are among wildlife.  Bears in particular have a keen sense of smell and have been known to be attracted by certain scents they interpret may be food.  So, how does one maintain proper hygiene and not offend others with our scent yet at the same time not place a welcome mat out for bears?  Here are some tips:

Scents to Use in Camping Sites with Bears

Neutral scents:  Wear colognes, perfumes and deodorants that have a neutral scent.  A bear’s sense of smell is much stronger than dog’s.  They can even smell toothpaste from miles away.  Be careful not to wear overpowering fragrances in the wild.

Use a Bear Bag:  If you do pack scented items pack them in a bear bag and hang this in a tree to dissuade bears from coming into your tent.

Stay Clean:  Wash your body with a soap that has a neutral scent.

Scents to Use in Camping Sites without Bears

Peppermint Oil:  Ants hate the smell of peppermint and this essential oil deters them from ruining your meals.  Apply around your tent and container that hold your food.

Lavender Oil:  This essential oil is not only a great insect repellant but it also – in combination with Aloe Vera – can soothe rough skin.

Lemon, Eucalyptus, Citronella, Lemongrass oils:  The scent from these oils has been known to repel insects and is pleasant smelling to humans.  They can also be purchased as a mixture of the oils or separately.

Remember that as you go camping this year that Lily Direct has a variety of fragrances that are appropriate for all occasions.  Our fragrances are meant to be worn in settings as varied as intimate indoor situations or out in the wild with family and friends.



What You Need to Know About Men’s Cologne

Let’s face it.  When it comes to picking out fragrances men tend to be less savvy than women.  For many men knowing which brand to buy, how to apply it and when too much is being used is pretty much guesswork.  On these points let’s give women their due.  However, even though men generally aren’t as adept at choosing and applying colognes are women are at applying perfume, doesn’t mean that we can’t strive to learn.  Here is some information about men’s colognes along with tips on choosing the right one for your body chemistry and applying fragrances so that they do not overwhelm the people around you.

The first thing to note about men’s cologne is that it is not simply perfume for men.  It is in general not as strong as women’s perfume.  In fact, the concentration of fragrance oil in most men’s colognes is typically 8% and 12%.  For perfume it is 15% or more.  Also, men’s fragrances tend to stress darker, warmer wood, spice, or amber “notes,” or the aromatic ingredients that comprise a fragrance.  Finally, men sweat more than women do on the whole.  These facts alone mean that men have to choose and apply their fragrances by a different set of rules than do women.

Choosing the Right Fragrance

Each man’s body chemistry is different as is the case with women.  A man’s fragrance is an unseen part of man’s style.  The best way to choose cologne is to use the tried and true method of spraying the scent on each wrist or on the inner elbow and to then walk around a bit in order to refresh the palate before smelling the fragrance again.  (The recommended areas to apply cologne are the lower jaw, neck, shoulders, chest, the inner elbow, the forearm and the wrist.)

How to Apply Cologne the Right Way

As a rule, when wearing cologne less is more.  You want to wear cologne not marinate in it.  Other tips are: 1) Apply to skin not clothing, 2) Apply after you dry from a shower, 3) Start light, 4) Apply your cologne to “heat” areas of the body.  Those “red zones” include the shoulders and the neck.  Next, men with dry skin should apply cologne more often; men with oily skin should apply cologne less often as oil holds scents longer.  Also, don’t clash with the scents you are already wearing (aftershave, soap, lotion, etc).  Finally, designers of men’s colognes know all the tips and tricks of wearing their fragrances.  Now you can be one step ahead of the next guy by following these tips when choosing and applying your cologne.  Remember, if someone can clearly identify the cologne you are wearing chances are you are wearing too much.

Great Perfume Houses Part 22

Viva l’Italia!

Our exploration of great perfume houses from around the world continues and as you can guess we are staying in Italy-Parma to be exact! So let’s get started and take a look at the house of Acqua di Parma.
Acqua di Parma, a symbol of Italian expertise and grace, was founded by a group
of master perfumers in Parma in 1916.  Since their founding all their products of
fragrances, candles, bathrobes and leather accessories have been made in Italy.  
The company started out by offering a Eau de Cologne, Acqua di Parma Colonia, intended to scent the handkerchiefs of elegant men.  It was a light refreshing scent compared to the more common stronger and heavier in composition perfumes of the time.
The 1930s was the time period of increased popularity, which led to increased
production and distribution.  The “Golden Age” for Acqua di Parma Colonia would
between the thirties and fifties, when it was successful among members of high
society and also Hollywood clientele.  Notable celebrities who wore Acqua di
Parma were Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Lana Turner and Ava Gardner.
With subtle blends of sunny essences of floral notes of lavender, rosemary, damask rose, verbena and sunny essences of Sicilian citrus fruits, the Colonia
formula has remained unchanged for nearly a hundred years.  It was not until 2003 that an alternative scent was offered, Colonia Assoluta.
Acqua di Parma is now more than just a perfume house.  In 1998 Acqua di Parma opened their first bouqieu on Milan’s Via del Gesu.  In 2008 they opened luxury spa Blue Mediterraneo Spa in Porto Cervo (Sardinia).

All products and services under the Acqua di Parma umbrella are dedicated to quality, creativity, elegance and exclusiveness.

Bring out your Italian side at a great discount!

I Love You…Well, I Love the Way You Smell

Scents and fragrances can be much like music and song lyrics. They have the ability to transport us in time to an exact moment and evoke vivid memories we thought we had long since forgotten. It is an involuntary response we have as human beings. It is one of our most powerful subconscious reactions. We all attribute familiar scents with specific blocks of times in our lives and make subconscious decisions based on those reactions. One of the most prevalent decisions is our selection of life partner.

Humans secrete scents known as pheromones, which in turn affect the behaviors of those around us. Again, this is always a subconscious, involuntary response. It is believed that by altering ones pheromones you can alter the response of other human behavior towards yourself. This is where cologne comes into play. By selecting just the right cologne men believe they can trigger a sexual draw in women as an involuntary response to the pheromones released.

There is significant medical research to support that this is the case. Humans are, after all, just mammals. All other mammals use the attraction formed by pheromone release as their deciding factor when selecting a mate. Why should humans be any different?

In humans, once just the right pheromones are released and detected by another human, the hypothalamus starts to elicit attraction, desire and even sexual arousal. All based just on pheromones!

Men and women both release pheromones and both respond in a sexually aroused manner when matched with the right partner.

Make sure you choose the right fragrance! It could be a more important decision than you think.

We recommend for the Ladies-Pure Sensual Perfume for Women by Karen Low. This fragrance is clean yet intoxicating.





And for the men we suggest-Versace Eros. A classic and heady mix, women polled stated that this was THE sexiest cologne around.


Lily Direct has these great scents and many more at fantastic discount prices.

Great Perfume Houses Part 18

So we meet again fragrance lovers. For this week’s installment of our bi-weekly exploration into the great perfume houses from around the world we are going to take a look at the man, the myth, the legend—Tom Ford

Thomas Carlyle Ford, born on August 27, 1961 in Austin, Texas, is not your typical fashion designer.

He did not grow up dreaming of designing clothes or mixing perfumes like most other big names in fashion did. Rather, Ford has always been a true Renaissance man; he spent his formative years jumping around from college to college and career to career. It was his year spent as an intern in Chloe’s press office that finally sparked Ford’s love of fashion.

With very little hands-on experience in the fashion world—and a degree in architecture—Ford cleverly talked his way into a position within the Gucci organization. In 1994, within just a couple years of getting a job with the fashion house, Tom Ford was promoted to Creative Director of Gucci where he remained until 2004. During his tenure with the company, Gucci acquired the house of Yves Saint Laurent and Ford was creative director of that label as well.

Once he parted ways with

 Gucci, Ford launched his own line that would eventually include clothes, beauty products, eyewear and accessories. But Tom Ford first struck out on his own by introducing his inaugural fragrance, Black Orchid which became an instant classic among fragrance lovers everywhere. This launch was followed by a series of successful Tom Ford fragrances for both men and women. Some of our personal favorite scents include, Tom Ford Noir Cologne and Tom Ford White Patchouli Perfume.

A Scent for Every Occasion

You plan your outfit and accessories based on the occasion. Your work outfit for example will likely be very different than your date outfit; and your first date outfit is probably even very different than your 5th date outfit. You put a lot of thought into your fashion choices and your fragrances choice should be no different. Your scent is after all an extension of your style; perfume and cologne are invisible fashion accessories that you can smell.

So how does one decide which scent goes with which occasion? Maybe we can help…

Work Appropriate: It’s best to just apply a light spritz when heading off to work. You don’t want to overwhelm the entire office with your aroma, no matter how delicious it is. Your best bet is to go with a subtle, light, crisp scent with fresh notes. We would recommend Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume by Burberry for the perfect everyday work fragrance.

Casual Fun: The best choice for a casual scent is similar to your work scent—it should be light and crisp, but unlike the work scent it can be a bit bolder with stronger, perhaps citrusy or earthy, undertones. Have fun with the casual fragrance choice; pick a perfume or cologne that matches how you’re feeling that day. Very Hollywood by Michael Kors is definitely a fun option to consider.

Date Night: White, floral fragrances always scream romance. For a sexy but not too overwhelming scent, choose fragrances with iris or orange blossom notes. Pour Femme Intense by Dolce & Gabbana is the perfect scent for any date night.

Special Occasion: When you’re dressed to the nines and headed to an extra special event you want your aroma to match. You’ll definitely want to choose a warm, rich fragrance with woody, musky and/or spicy notes.  Spritz a little Si by Giorgio Armani on and you’ll turn heads—and noses.

Whatever the occasion, whatever fragrance you choose, Lily Direct has all the best discount fragrances you could ever want!

Winter Fragrance Guide Part 2: Men’s Edition

We realized something recently; the majority of our past fragrance guide blogs have been focused on women’s fragrances. But there are definitely male fragrance lovers too! Well, we are sorry we have been neglecting you men out there. Here at Lily Direct we have a wide range of discount fragrances for both men and women—and unisex too—so it’s about time we start being equal opportunity bloggers.

A few blogs ago we offered up a guide to our favorite winter scents for the ladies. This time around we are going to list a few of our favorite winter fragrances for men…

Legend Cologne by Mont Blanc- Think back to high school when you used to douse yourself in Abercrombie Fierce; if you liked that comfortable scent but now you’re looking for a more sophisticated version, then Legend is the fragrance for you. The mix of fruity and woodsy in this scent is perfect for every first date you go on this winter.

Gentlemen Only by Givenchy- This clean, earthy and smoky scent should be your go-to cologne for all day wear this winter. The tonka bean and leathery aroma won’t offend the senses so you can wear it from work to happy hour with confidence.



Burberry London Cologne by Burberry- If you’re looking for the epitome of a w"discounted Burberry London Cologne by Burberry"arm and masculine scent Burberry London is the cologne for you. With notes of wood, leather, tobacco, spice and a tiny bit of citrus, this has been THE go-to winter fragrance choice of men for years.



"discounted Dior Homme cologne by Christian Dior"Dior Homme by Christian Dior- This should definitely be your number one scent for special occasions this winter. Whether you’re trying to impress that special someone or you want to smell your best for your best friend’s wedding, this sweet and exotic fragrance is sure to get the job done.


Holiday Gifts at Great Prices from Lily Direct

The holiday season is upon us and it’s not too late for you to order the perfect gift for that special someone from If you have a fragrance lover in your life, there is no greater gift than the gift of scent. Sure, it might be easy to simply get them a bottle of their favorite perfume or cologne but why stop there? There are a lot of exciting gift ideas that will tickle your olfactory senses, so we’ve put together a couple of options for you to consider…

Make your own mini set: This is a great way for your favorite scent-obsessed friend to try out new fragrances that he or she might not buy for his or herself. A Lily Direct we have a wide variety of mini perfumes, colognes and unisex fragrances to choose from. And our incredibly low prices mean you can buy"HOLIDAY GIFTS" multiple scents without breaking the bank.

Bath & body sets: We have a plethora of men’s, women’s and unisex bath & body products to choose from. Switch it up with a couple different scents or stick with the same scent family and opt for a few different products from that family.

Mix & match: Mix it up with a little bit of everything. Get a full sized bottle of your mom’s favorite perfume, two mini-sized new fragrances for her to try and a soothing bath soak for her to relax in after a hard day. Put all the items together in a festive basked and voila, the perfect gift is born.  

Pre-packaged gift sets: Not great at putting together your own creative packages? Not a problem! Lily Direct has a great selection of fabulous, already put together fragrance gift sets that your friends and family are sure to love.

Just remember, as you’re going down your holiday gift list, Lily Direct is your one-stop-shop for fantastic holiday gifts that both your loved ones and your bank account will love!