Play it Safe-Try the Mini Version First

Have you ever heard the phrase, “make a lap before you commit to a location”? Well it’s more than just a catchy line from one of our favorite movies. It’s actually a smart piece of advice to follow in many different situations in life; and it can definitely be applied when we’re talking fragrances.

Choosing a new fragrance is not a decision th"Lily Direct"at should be made lightly. And you should be especially choosy when you’re trying to pick your signature scent! Judging a scent based on a spritz in the air or on how it smells on someone else is a big mistake. Fragrances react to one’s body chemistry, so just because that Parisienne Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent smells delicious on your best friend that does not necessarily mean it will be the right scent for you. Likewise, if you spritz a little Hugo Element Cologne by Hugo Boss in the air and think it smells divine, you can’t be sure it will smell the same on you.

Testing out perfumes in a store is no easy task. A good rule of thumb when testing a new scent is to let it settle into your body for about 20 minutes before you decide whether you like the way you smell in it. Who has time for that when out shopping? Plus, this makes testing out more than one scent at a time impossible! So how’s a person ever going to find the right new scent for his or her unique body chemistry? Lily Direct has the solution.

Here at Lily Direct we offer mini versions—at great prices!—of some of the best perfume and cologne on the market.