The Best Places to Apply Fragrances

Including places you may not have considered

Most of us will give a lot of thought over which cologne or perfume we will select to become our signature fragrance. We’ll scour over the latest online fragrance reviews, or we’ll allow ourselves to be spritzed at the counter of our favorite store or we’ll follow the recommendation of a friend in making this important decision. Yet, as careful as some of us are in making the choice of what fragrance to wear, many of us won’t even think twice when it comes to where to apply our favorite cologne or perfume. We all know that the common places to apply fragrances are the wrists, ears, neck, etc. However, by limiting the application of your fragrance to these areas you may be missing out on some other enticing possibilities. Here are a few other places to apply fragrances that many experts recommend.

  • In Your Hair: Perfume applied here (lightly so as not to dry out the hair) latches onto hair fibers which in turn makes the scent last longer.
  • Inside Your Elbows: This pulse point is a nice change of pace from spritzing the wrist yet it is just as effective.
  • Behind Your Knees: Veins are particularly close to the skin in this area of the body thus it is a pulse point that generates heat. This heat helps to project the scent outwards.
  • In Your Belly Button: The navel radiates heat and this is essential for pushing the scent of colognes and fragrances outwards.
  • Down Your Calves: Try spritzing your favorite fragrance on the sides of your calf. The friction cause by your walking about will help to radiate the scent. This spot is also particularly effective if you wear shorts or a skirt.
  • On Your Feet: This off sounding place is not so odd when you think of it. Your feet are in motion during most of the day, so what better way is there to leave your scent gently wafting behind you as you travel?

In a nutshell, giving a little more thought to where you apply your fragrance will help in several ways. The first is that it will make the scent all the more potent if you maximize your body’s pulse points, etc. The second is that it can make your fragrance last longer and therefore give you more “bang for the buck”. Finally, by following some of these suggestions you will be following tried and true methods that many experts have researched and have found to be maximum application points.

What You Should Know About Perfume Allergies

With thousands of fragrances on the market, it is not only likely that some people will develop allergies to some perfumes, it is a certainty.  In fact, back in 1999 the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) identified 26 ingredients as allergens in perfume.  As a result of this, some 2 million people suffer allergic reactions to one of more of the many ingredients in perfume.  Some of the symptoms of perfume allergies include:

  • Headaches.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Worsening asthma symptoms.
  • Runny and stuffy nose.
  • Sneezing.
  • A skin allergy like contact dermatitis — an itchy, red rash that appears on the skin.

Fortunately only a small number of fragrances actually cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.  The allergens that do and that are also present in other cosmetics include Cinnamic alcohol, Eugenol, Hydroxycitronellal, Oak moss absolute and others.

Identifying a Perfume Allergy

The problem with identifying which ingredient in a particular perfume is causing an allergic reaction is tricky since there are so many ingredients in fragrance products.  The best way to identify the specific ingredient causing a reaction is by patch testing.  A positive patch test result to a particular fragrance indicates that you are allergic to one or more fragrance chemicals.  An estimated 1-2% of the general population is allergic to one or more fragrance ingredients.

Treating a Perfume Allergy

While some doctors doubt that the fragrance itself is the cause of most “fragrance” allergies and believe that these reactions caused by some ingredient in a particular perfume, there can be no doubt that fragrance sensitivity is on the rise.  The best way to treat an allergy once it has been identified is to stop using the perfume in question.  If that ingredient is common to other scent-based products that you use it is also advised that you stop using those items as well.  The next best way to treat a perfume allergy is with nasal antihistamines and corticosteroid medications.  Both can control allergy symptoms caused by these sensitivities.  Ultimately, discovering that you have an allergic reaction to a particular perfume may cause you to seek out what may be an even better, more compatible perfume.  At Lilydirect we have a vast selection of perfumes and other fragrances that you can experiment with until you find the right scent that is safe and that helps you make your own unique statement about who you are.  If you believe you are developing an allergy to any fragrance consult with a dermatologist so that he/she can narrow down the specific cause and can develop a course of treatment.

Perfume-Solids vs Spray

Every woman wants to get the maximum utility from her fragrances.  This is regardless of how many she may own.  This is in part why a small controversy has brewed since solid perfumes first came on the market.  Countless sites contain testimony from women who swear their allegiance to one or the other and even women who use both together.  For those who have not solidly (no pun intended) come down in one camp or another, here are some pluses and minuses of wearing solid perfumes vs. sprays. 

The first thing to know about the solid vs. spray colognes is that they can of course have the exact same scent and be from the same designer but here is often where the similarities end.  Solid perfumes are oil based as opposed to sprays which are alcohol based for the most part.  Other differences are:

Pros of Solid (Oil based perfumes)

  • No spillage or risk of leaking
  • Has a longer shelf life
  • Less likely to cause skin reactions
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy to apply and to desired areas

Cons of Solid Perfumes

  • Can be sticky and leave residue
  • Lasts 2-3 hours
  • Strongly scented

Pros of Spray Perfumes

  • Stronger but light scent
  • Last longer than solids

Cons of Spray Perfumes

  • More is wasted when applying since it is a mist
  • Prone to spilling or leaking

Solid Colognes Brands

We all know the usual suspects when it comes to spray colognes.  They have been around for ages.  However, if you decide that the pluses of wearing a solid perfume outweighs the minuses or if you just want to experiment then some of the more popular brands include:  34 Boulevard Saint Germain solid perfume (Diptyque), Limited Editions Precious Jewels Perfume Compact (Estee Lauder), Quelques Fleurs ‘L’Original’ Solid Perfume Compact (Houbigant Paris), Epic woman solid perfume compact (Amouage) and Lucky bay solid perfume stick (Le Soft Perfume)

In the end, the choice comes down to measuring the personal against the practical.  No one intends to buy any product without thinking of how they can best utilize it.  Perfume is no different.  That is the reason this controversy continues between women who swear that they get the best use from one or the other.  Whichever choice you make, Lily Direct can accommodate you with our wide selection of the most popular fragrances for men and women.

What You Need to Know About Men’s Cologne

Let’s face it.  When it comes to picking out fragrances men tend to be less savvy than women.  For many men knowing which brand to buy, how to apply it and when too much is being used is pretty much guesswork.  On these points let’s give women their due.  However, even though men generally aren’t as adept at choosing and applying colognes are women are at applying perfume, doesn’t mean that we can’t strive to learn.  Here is some information about men’s colognes along with tips on choosing the right one for your body chemistry and applying fragrances so that they do not overwhelm the people around you.

The first thing to note about men’s cologne is that it is not simply perfume for men.  It is in general not as strong as women’s perfume.  In fact, the concentration of fragrance oil in most men’s colognes is typically 8% and 12%.  For perfume it is 15% or more.  Also, men’s fragrances tend to stress darker, warmer wood, spice, or amber “notes,” or the aromatic ingredients that comprise a fragrance.  Finally, men sweat more than women do on the whole.  These facts alone mean that men have to choose and apply their fragrances by a different set of rules than do women.

Choosing the Right Fragrance

Each man’s body chemistry is different as is the case with women.  A man’s fragrance is an unseen part of man’s style.  The best way to choose cologne is to use the tried and true method of spraying the scent on each wrist or on the inner elbow and to then walk around a bit in order to refresh the palate before smelling the fragrance again.  (The recommended areas to apply cologne are the lower jaw, neck, shoulders, chest, the inner elbow, the forearm and the wrist.)

How to Apply Cologne the Right Way

As a rule, when wearing cologne less is more.  You want to wear cologne not marinate in it.  Other tips are: 1) Apply to skin not clothing, 2) Apply after you dry from a shower, 3) Start light, 4) Apply your cologne to “heat” areas of the body.  Those “red zones” include the shoulders and the neck.  Next, men with dry skin should apply cologne more often; men with oily skin should apply cologne less often as oil holds scents longer.  Also, don’t clash with the scents you are already wearing (aftershave, soap, lotion, etc).  Finally, designers of men’s colognes know all the tips and tricks of wearing their fragrances.  Now you can be one step ahead of the next guy by following these tips when choosing and applying your cologne.  Remember, if someone can clearly identify the cologne you are wearing chances are you are wearing too much.

Great Perfume Houses Part 22

Viva l’Italia!

Our exploration of great perfume houses from around the world continues and as you can guess we are staying in Italy-Parma to be exact! So let’s get started and take a look at the house of Acqua di Parma.
Acqua di Parma, a symbol of Italian expertise and grace, was founded by a group
of master perfumers in Parma in 1916.  Since their founding all their products of
fragrances, candles, bathrobes and leather accessories have been made in Italy.  
The company started out by offering a Eau de Cologne, Acqua di Parma Colonia, intended to scent the handkerchiefs of elegant men.  It was a light refreshing scent compared to the more common stronger and heavier in composition perfumes of the time.
The 1930s was the time period of increased popularity, which led to increased
production and distribution.  The “Golden Age” for Acqua di Parma Colonia would
between the thirties and fifties, when it was successful among members of high
society and also Hollywood clientele.  Notable celebrities who wore Acqua di
Parma were Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Lana Turner and Ava Gardner.
With subtle blends of sunny essences of floral notes of lavender, rosemary, damask rose, verbena and sunny essences of Sicilian citrus fruits, the Colonia
formula has remained unchanged for nearly a hundred years.  It was not until 2003 that an alternative scent was offered, Colonia Assoluta.
Acqua di Parma is now more than just a perfume house.  In 1998 Acqua di Parma opened their first bouqieu on Milan’s Via del Gesu.  In 2008 they opened luxury spa Blue Mediterraneo Spa in Porto Cervo (Sardinia).

All products and services under the Acqua di Parma umbrella are dedicated to quality, creativity, elegance and exclusiveness.

Bring out your Italian side at a great discount!

The Science of Smell

The old saying is, “The nose knows.” My question is, “How?” I did a little digging (aka Googling) and thought I would share with you what I found out.

For you to be able to smell something, molecules from that something have to make it to your nose. So that means that everything you catch a whiff of, pleasant or rancid, releases molecules. The things that have no smell are things that release no molecules, like steel, for example.

At the top of your nasal passages behind your nose, there is a patch of neurons about the size of a quarter. They are unique in that they are out in the open where they can come into contact with the air. They have hair-like projections called cilia that increase their surface area. An odor molecule will bind to these “hairs”, trigger the neuron and voila-you smell a smell.

According to the book Molecular Biology of the Cell:

Humans can distinguish more than 10,000 different smells (odorants), which are detected by specialized olfactory receptor neurons lining the nose…. It is thought that there are hundreds of different olfactory receptors, each encoded by a different gene and each recognizing different odorants.

So think about this the next time your special someone sits next to you and you are enveloped in a scent. Their scent-that unmistakable combination of fragrance, soap, and products-whatever it is that makes them smell like well, them… is really a combination of a whole bunch of science and physiology.

Or we can just say that it is the science of romance and leave it at that! For great savings on scientifically proven, romance sparking scents-look no further than

Great Perfume Houses Part 20

I can’t believe we have already gone over the history of 19 great ones! So off to London we go with number 20 and don’t worry, we have tons more to tell you about.

Miller Harris is a British perfume house that develops fragrances in the classic French style. Founder Lyn Harris trained and studied and then trained some more to incorporate a traditional sensibility while creating unique and modern scents. Lyn trained in Paris for 5 years before moving on to study at the prestigious Robertet in Grasse.

Robertet is widely recognized as a leader in using natural aromatic raw materials. Their knowledge, acquired over the years has made their name known as constant innovators in this field.

After leaving Robertet, Lyn went to London and founded Miller Harris in 2000. From the very beginning, Miller Harris scents have been adored as their legions of fans can attest. Few Houses have such a devoted following and even fewer give you the ability to build a “fragrance wardrobe”.  With Miller Harris, you can not only have different scents for different seasons, but different fragrances for different looks or moods.

Here are just a few of the Miller Harris fragrances that has to offer.

Coeur de Fleurmiller harris

–This decidedly delicate scent is perfect for that sweet romantic feel. Its top notes are sweet pea and mimosa; middle notes are raspberry, peach and iris; base notes are vanilla, amber and Egyptian jasmine.

Fleurs de Bois

-Perfect for a summer morning this scent is great for a man or woman. Its top notes include Sicilian lemon, green mandarin and rosemary.

Shop Miller Harris Perfumes at and start building your wardrobe today!

I Love You…Well, I Love the Way You Smell

Scents and fragrances can be much like music and song lyrics. They have the ability to transport us in time to an exact moment and evoke vivid memories we thought we had long since forgotten. It is an involuntary response we have as human beings. It is one of our most powerful subconscious reactions. We all attribute familiar scents with specific blocks of times in our lives and make subconscious decisions based on those reactions. One of the most prevalent decisions is our selection of life partner.

Humans secrete scents known as pheromones, which in turn affect the behaviors of those around us. Again, this is always a subconscious, involuntary response. It is believed that by altering ones pheromones you can alter the response of other human behavior towards yourself. This is where cologne comes into play. By selecting just the right cologne men believe they can trigger a sexual draw in women as an involuntary response to the pheromones released.

There is significant medical research to support that this is the case. Humans are, after all, just mammals. All other mammals use the attraction formed by pheromone release as their deciding factor when selecting a mate. Why should humans be any different?

In humans, once just the right pheromones are released and detected by another human, the hypothalamus starts to elicit attraction, desire and even sexual arousal. All based just on pheromones!

Men and women both release pheromones and both respond in a sexually aroused manner when matched with the right partner.

Make sure you choose the right fragrance! It could be a more important decision than you think.

We recommend for the Ladies-Pure Sensual Perfume for Women by Karen Low. This fragrance is clean yet intoxicating.





And for the men we suggest-Versace Eros. A classic and heady mix, women polled stated that this was THE sexiest cologne around.


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Take a Walk on the Lighter Side

We get it, heavy perfumes and colognes aren’t for everyone. But just because you are turned off by the Escada- Desire Me perfumes of the world, that doesn’t necessarily mean you dislike all fragrances. You may be surprised to learn that not all fragrances are so overpowering that they give you a headache, but it’s true. Chances are you just haven’t found the right light fragrance that tickles your fancy; but maybe we can help you with that! Below are some of our personal favorite light fragrances:

Au Thé Blanc by BVLGARIBVLGARI’s White Tea unisex perfume is known for its reinvigorating, antioxidant properties. Both men and women will appreciate its fresh, clean scent.

Clean Eau de Parfum: As the name suggests, Clean’s light and lovely line of fragrances offer a plethora of scents that will leave you smelling like a fresh breath of air. Clean stays away from irritating ingredients and uses hypoallergenic formulas in all of its fragrances.

Demeter Clean Skin Unisex Perfume: It’s probably safe to say that anything that has the word “clean” somewhere in the title is going to be a good option when you’re looking for non-perfumey fragrances; and Demeter’s Clean Skin Unisex Perfume is no exception. All of Demeter’s fragrances are less concentrated and free of any artificial color, extenders and preservatives.

These are just a few of our favorite fresh scents here at Lily Direct; but there are plenty of other fragrance options out there for those of you who prefer a lighter, less “perfumey” scent. And don’t forget, we have all of your favorite discount fragrances and then some!

A Scent for Every Occasion

You plan your outfit and accessories based on the occasion. Your work outfit for example will likely be very different than your date outfit; and your first date outfit is probably even very different than your 5th date outfit. You put a lot of thought into your fashion choices and your fragrances choice should be no different. Your scent is after all an extension of your style; perfume and cologne are invisible fashion accessories that you can smell.

So how does one decide which scent goes with which occasion? Maybe we can help…

Work Appropriate: It’s best to just apply a light spritz when heading off to work. You don’t want to overwhelm the entire office with your aroma, no matter how delicious it is. Your best bet is to go with a subtle, light, crisp scent with fresh notes. We would recommend Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume by Burberry for the perfect everyday work fragrance.

Casual Fun: The best choice for a casual scent is similar to your work scent—it should be light and crisp, but unlike the work scent it can be a bit bolder with stronger, perhaps citrusy or earthy, undertones. Have fun with the casual fragrance choice; pick a perfume or cologne that matches how you’re feeling that day. Very Hollywood by Michael Kors is definitely a fun option to consider.

Date Night: White, floral fragrances always scream romance. For a sexy but not too overwhelming scent, choose fragrances with iris or orange blossom notes. Pour Femme Intense by Dolce & Gabbana is the perfect scent for any date night.

Special Occasion: When you’re dressed to the nines and headed to an extra special event you want your aroma to match. You’ll definitely want to choose a warm, rich fragrance with woody, musky and/or spicy notes.  Spritz a little Si by Giorgio Armani on and you’ll turn heads—and noses.

Whatever the occasion, whatever fragrance you choose, Lily Direct has all the best discount fragrances you could ever want!