Perfumes of the World: Estee Lauder- The Epitome of Elegance

You don’t have to be an expert the field of perfumes and cosmetics to recognize the name of Estee Lauder as one of the most prominent in business today. If you are a perfume lover, chances are you have owned and cherished at least one of the creator’s iconic creations throughout time. What originally started as a pure personal ambition from the ninth child in a Jewish immigrant family in Queens has now become the household word when it comes to elegance, refinement and beauty. Any perfume expert will recognize the perfection in such perfume formulas such as Aramis for Men, Beautiful and the flagship Youth Dew.

A bit of history

Estee Lauder started her company with a jar of skin cream in 1946. The formula, created by her uncle who was a chemist soon started to bring out new and loyal female fans. In only a few years, the cosmetics company won a reputation for research and quality. In 1953, the first fragrance for women was introduced: Youth Dew, in the form of bath oil, and then a few months later as a revolutionary perfume. This wonderfully light scent continues to be one of the bestsellers for the company. This is an absolutely captivating creation, featuring an opulent combination of rich spices, flowers and precious woods. Along time, this has been considered one of the sexiest fragrances ever created. The success was so great, in 1969 Lauder opened her first location outside the US, in London’s Harrods luxury store. 1964 saw the launch of the very first exclusive line for men: Aramis, a tradition the company will continue later with Clinique Skin Supplies for Men and Lab Series. By the end of the 1960’s another great name of the cosmetics and perfume industry was born from the same captivating and ambitious mind: Clinique Laboratories. Today, Estee Lauder is undoubtedly one of the largest privately owned fragrance and cosmetics creation companies in the world with sales estimated at one billion dollars. Many different smaller companies and brands have been created, from Aramis to Perspectives, Origines, MAC, Tommy Hilfiger, from Donna Karan to Aveda and La Mer. The wide gamut of products includes eau de perfume, colognes, eau de toilette, serums, lotions, body oils, especially made for both men and women. Perfume names such as Estee (coined as the world’s first super-perfume, Aliage, White Linen, Cinnabar, Aramis for Men are still considered as epitomes of good taste, elegance, great consumer products for those who appreciate a sense of adventure and quality. Today, the Estée Lauder Collection of skincare, makeup and fragrance exemplifies the best that art and science can achieve.

This blogger’s personal favorite: Beautiful is one of those timeless pieces that a woman can keep close to her heart for her whole life. This floral fragrance was launched in 1985 and is one of the company’s bestsellers. This romantic light bouquet includes an impressive selection of flowers combined with fresh citrus notes and wood notes at the base. The top notes will include mandarine, lily, marigold and tuberose and of course, the beautiful rose. The heart of the creation unfolds in jasmine, orange flower and ylang ylang, while the base notes are elegant and warm and rely on the power of sandalwood and vetiver. An absolute delight for the senses.